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Parenting Snapshots #8: Stop thumb sucking

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Stop Thumb Sucking: It isn't going to be easy....

As you can see – he just looks TOO cute!

It is not easy to stop thumb sucking. We have gone through stopping thumb sucking with my beloved Stuntboy. He got into the habit because of reflux when he was little, and he always looked so cute….I didn’t want to stop him. Boy did I make my own bed…. *ahem*

So to help all the other mums going through similar, we have a stop thumb sucking behaviour on our sticker charts which you can build on our website. In addition to this, we also have had a wee chatette with Kate Barlow of The Parent Consultancy about how we can help our little ones on the road to stopping putting that wee thumb in their mouth.

Apologies in advance for Kate’s sound on this, do turn it up when she speaks, its worth it, her microphone seems to have had an off day, particularly at the end of this hangout.

We discuss:

  • Why its important to stop thumb sucking?
  • When should we be encouraging them to stop?
  • What strategies, other than reward charts, might we use to help stop thumb sucking?
  • Should we go cold turkey?
  • Should we use incentives to help?
  • What do we do when we do see our children reaching for the thumb?
  • What about thumb guards and nail varnish? Would these help? Why might we use them to stop thumb sucking?
  • Do we explain about braces to them?
Parenting Snapshots: Stopping Thumb Sucking

Do you have any other strategies to help stop thumb sucking? What worked with your child? What didn’t work? Let us know below.

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