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Parenting Snapshots #4: Potty training signs

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Potty training signsHello again – we are back with another hangout this week; again with Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy. Last week we talked about preparing for potty training, so this week, we are actually going to chat a little more about the right time to start, and the potty training signs to look for in your toddlers before you start.

Please do forgive the picture on this hangout, I thought the content was still worth sharing, do bear with us!

Kate and I cover these areas for you in detail:

  • Potty training signs – what is the key thing to look for in your child
  • Do I need to tick ever box in my potty training signs list?!?
  • Is there a potty training window?
  • Do I have to leave it until after two to potty train?
  • How long does it take if you can hit the potty training window!

The hangout is only just over 5 minutes, so do come and listen with us to helpfully get you started on your journey.

Parenting Snapshots: Potty Training Signs

We do have other resources on Potty Training on the blog too, including the best potty training books, an article on your toddlers kidding you they are ready to potty train, and one specifically about the real potty training signs from another parenting expert.

Do you have any suggestions when looking for potty training signs? What has worked in your experience? Do tell us below.

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Sunday 27th of October 2013

We're through potty training now but I think it's fab that parents can now find resources such as this!

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