Playbrush is an ingenious smart technology device that fits on to any ordinary toothbrush turning it into a gaming device to help encourage children to brush their teeth. We have more information on the Playbrush, and one to give away for free too. Closes 18th Feb.
Great giveaways for kids & parents

#Win a Playbrush worth £49.99 to make teeth cleaning fun for everyone

We have a treat for you on the blog today, an exclusive giveaway, for a very exciting new product to help reduce those tooth brush battles. Playbrush is a unique device that attaches to any manual toothbrush, turning it into a gaming controller. It gets kids to play fun and instructional mobile games on a smartphone/tablet whilst […]

by Helen • January 21, 2016
We know brushing your kids teeth can be a real chore - well in this technological age, there is a solution! Here are 8 apps that make brushing your kids teeth fun!
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8 apps to make tooth brushing a treat in your house

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias. “Come on – we’ll be late for school it you don’t do those teeth NOW!” I am pretty sure I am not the only mum in the world who seems to say this about fifty billion times […]

by Helen • March 22, 2015

Dealing with a child who leaves their bed during the night

I have one of these who leaves his bed somewhere in the early hours simply because he would prefer to be in our bed. Mostly we do try and take him back to his bed and: • reassure him if he is scared • tell him we can hear him and to call us if […]

by Beckie • June 25, 2014
Preparing your child for preschool: What can you do

Pre-schooling for your toddler: 5 things you should know

Photo Credit: Pregnancy and Baby – Preparing your child for preschool or daycare The pre-schooling transition may be something big for your child; it was perhaps less so for mine as they had been in nursery for a while, but new situations are never easy for little people. It is natural for them to feel […]

by Helen • June 11, 2014
early riser
Behaviour training tips for parents

Do you have any early risers in your family?

It is of course typical this morning ….I woke up at just after six ….couldn’t get back to sleep…and have come down to make a cup of tea and start getting on with things. Its now 6.32am and no one else is up…..TYPICAL. Usually my youngest is up by 6 and there isn’t a lot […]

by Beckie • April 30, 2014
Healthy eating for kids: top tips
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Healthy eating for kids: How to encourage it

  There has been a good deal in the press in recent months about healthy eating for kids, in particular trying to encourage our kids to be active, and to stem the tide of advancing obesity in the next generation. We have therefore invited Kate Barlow to offer some solutions to this quandary for parents, […]

by Helen • April 22, 2014
Stay in Bed: How to

Tips to get your child to stay in bed for all those desperate parents out there!

It’s a cry we hear from mums of toddlers all over the country, and indeed the world; my toddler won’t stay in bed! I have experienced it with both my children, first when they moved from a cot to a bed, and then when they were older when they just decided that staying in bed […]

by Helen • March 11, 2014
Nighttime potty training: Tips in a hangout
Potty Training

Parenting Snapshots #6: Nighttime Potty Training

Guess what – we are talking poo and wee again – this time Nighttime Potty Training with Kate Barlow on the old parenting snapshot hangout! We love talking about stuff like this; we have already covered withholding when you potty train (not you personally of course ;-)), and the potty training signs to look out […]

by Helen • November 13, 2013
Parenting a Special Needs Child
Special Needs

Parenting a Special Needs Child: 5 top tips

Walk into any bookshop and there are shelves of self-help books, absolutely loads. Books on increasing self-confidence, pregnancy, diet, positivity…the list would seem to be endless. Until you become part of a new “club”, one that you weren’t necessarily aware when your child was newborn that you’d be “joining”, due to the fact it’s an […]

by Jeanette AM • September 5, 2013
Routines for children: Why bother?
Behaviour training tips for parents

Interview with Jacqueline Harding: Routines for children – why bother?

Nick Jr are currently running a great campaign to encourage parents to use routines for children. Clearly routine is something that we are all for here on KiddyCharts, giving our emphasis on routines within our reward charts, and our articles covering the routine topic. Even my little daughter when the class bear came home wrote a routine out for him! We […]

by Helen • July 11, 2013