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Introducing my best business blog award…

Had you kidding there didn’t I? I didn’t really win the Best Business Blog category at the MAD Blog Awards, the wonderful Fiona did from Coombe Mill and she thoroughly deserved it, both for her lovely golden dress, and her lovely blog. The other ladies in the category, Bizzy Mum, Mummy Whisperer and Littlesheep Learning all […]

by Helen • October 1, 2012
Coping with pet bereavement - some advice to help out
Behaviour training tips for parents

Helping younger children deal with pet bereavement

Anyone who has a pet will one day have to deal with pet bereavement… “Mommy, isn’t she the cutest little thing” My daughter squeals with delight as she peers into the glass tank filled with small furry balls of fun. “I love them; may I have one, please?” Every parent knows the time will come […]

by Helen • September 28, 2012
Road Safety for Children: Remember its 30 for a reason too...
Parenting Tips

Road Safety for Children: Teaching toddlers how to cross

As parents, we don’t think about the importance of road safety for children until our little ones start to walk and we take them out for their first little stroll to a neighbours house or the local shop. Suddenly, we realise how protected they have been in their pram or buggy and that the roads […]

by Maria Albertsen • September 27, 2012
Saffron Walden 10K: Max during a lumbar puncture

Saffron Walden 10K: Fabulous Women run for Max and Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

*local alert* *local alert* But stop, don’t go…it may be a local appeal, but its an international issue…. Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research was founded over 50 years ago in 1960. When a child was given a leukaemia diagnosis then, their chances of survival were minimal. Now, an amazing 9 out of 10 children survive the […]

by Helen • September 27, 2012
Time management for parenting - more playtime!
Parenting Tips

Time management for parents: 5 quick tips to save your sanity

As a working parent, whether you go to the office or you work from home, part time or full time, do you find you are always rushing around, chasing your tale? Time management for parents is NEVER and easy task. I have had experience here… I recently left my office job to work from home […]

by Guest Blogger • September 26, 2012
Parents and homework: Is it OK to not know?

Parents and homework: It’s OK not to know the answer

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. This last weekend we reached a new milestone – we got to that parents and homework stage; where the oldest asked me to help with his English – reading a poem, thinking about it and answering some questions. That took me […]

by Beckie • September 25, 2012
MAD Blog Awards Dress Crisis

MAD Blog Awards: MAD Dress Sense

I am on the larger size. Two kids, gynaecological disasters, too much cake and the occasional beer have not been kind to the figure. However, I am happy with my lot. I am learning to live with it, and to dress to fit it. Yes, I still moan about not being thin enough, but I […]

by Helen • September 25, 2012
How the Lion became king in Tinga Tinga Land: Colourful posters mean a colourful show
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Kids Live Shows Giveaway: Free Family Ticket to How the Lion Became King of Tinga Tinga Land

It’s that time! We have another great giveaway – this time for kids live shows…and there is nothing better than having fun at one of those! We have a free family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children) to see the new live show: How the Lion Became King of Tinga […]

by September 24, 2012
Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre Birthday Party
Kids toy reviews

It’s Westfield Stratford City’s First Birthday Party!

I know this is short notice for everyone…but I thought it was worth mentioning…Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre is having a party this weekend, and we are all invited! There are often events on at the centre, but this one is a bit special… We are going to a bithday party, not any old birthday party; […]

by Helen • September 21, 2012