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Frugal Parenting: How to get free stuff for your kids & babies

Ever wonder how you can get free stuff for your kids?  Find out how on our blog today, there are ways you may not have known about.

The average cost of raising a child in the UK is £230,000 according to the CEBRR – a 63% increase since 2003. The first four years of a child’s life are the MOST expensive, so there’s really no time like the present to learn about how to get freebies for your kids and babies.

Give me free stuff!

Everyone loves freebies, whether it’s a free sample of biscuit in a supermarket or a free cereal sample in the high street. It’s the perfect way to make you smile (if you enjoyed it), and when you see that product again in the supermarket, you’ll be more likely to pick it out over other brands.

Did you know you can get free stuff for kids and baby samples from around the web?

Companies are looking for more ways to connect with their customers and will often give out freebies as a method of gathering feedback, and to attract new customers. They’re a great way to get people talking, finding out honest opinions and raising awareness.

What are freebie sites?

The easiest way to keep an eye on the availability of any new and upcoming freebies is to sign up to a Freebie Site. Get involved today and peruse all the free baby samples at Magic Freebies – although I’m completely biased, I can tell you now we have the best selection of freebies, from nappies to bibs and weaning spoons to baby cereal!

My Top 4 Freebie Finding Tips

Set up a secondary e-mail address

There’s nothing worse than your primary inbox being filled up with promotional e-mails and missing out on important invitations from family and friends. Set yourself up a secondary e-mail account today, just for applying to get kids and baby freebies.

Become a Facebook fan

If you love a brand then why not shout it from the rooftops? Companies are using social media outlets like Facebook, for direct conversation with their consumers – and as a way to speak to potential new fans. There are often exciting promotions and thrilling competitions from baby and child-focussed companies where you can get your hands on their merchandise – or free samples. Think about the companies you want to hear more from, and start ‘liking’ their Facebook pages.

Blog it

Blogging isn’t just for professional writers – anyone can do it! There are loads of free blogging platforms like or where you create your own little section of the internet. If you’ve got something to say on parenting then this is the place to do it! Freebies could be a welcome bonus for putting in all that hard work. Try writing some reviews on objects you use every day, (think baby toys, kid’s clothes) and start building up a base of fans. Once you’ve gained visitors, try contacting companies to ask to try out a product of theirs! You never know what freebies might come your way.

Join Baby Clubs

Get signed up to all baby clubs in the UK, like SMA Baby Club, Johnson’s Baby Club, ASDA Club, Mothercare and Tesco Loves Baby to name a few! They’re a brilliant way to receive expert parenting tips, support, money-off vouchers and more. Just search online and you’ll find plenty more clubs to join and take advantage of.

My Top 3 Baby Freebies

Free Baby’s ‘Slide & See Animals’ book

There are 200 copies of Annabel Karmel’s books for little ones. Each page has sliders so cheerful animals will appear from their hiding places to say hello!

Free Baby on Board Badge

If you live in the Greater London and South East England you can pick up a cute Baby on board badge. It’s a great way to let other passengers know that you want a seat to rest your legs!

Free Cuddly Cow & Pregnancy Diary

Get support from bump to toddler in the form of an amazing freebie bundle. You can receive advice, a handy pregnancy diary and a cuddly cow for your little one.

Top 3 Kids Freebies

Free DryNites Pyjama Pants

Pick up a sample pack of Huggies DryNites today! It comes in three different sizes for boys and girls, plus you’ll get a free money-saving coupon to use on your next pair.

Free Weekend Box Activities for Kids

Fill out your details on this link, and you will get a free activity box for your kids. Signing up for the Weekend Box means that you get regular activites to do with your kids, but your first box is FREE; usually £7.50. You pay for each box individually, so you aren’t tied in. Ever. Boxes can be paused at anytime too.

Free Lego Club Magazine

This is a great freebie, when you sign up to become a member of LEGO Club you will get Top Secret exclusive content and a free magazine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Frugal Parenting guide and I wish you all the best with your future Freebie Finding; it never does any harm to get that free stuff for kids rolling in! Follow me on Twitter for more money-saving and freebie information and don’t forget to check out for all the latest Baby & Kids samples.

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