how to talk to kids about money so they will listen
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How to talk to kids about money so they listen

“And at the start of the fiscal year the economy retracted, which lead to a downturn in…” is exactly not how to talk to kids about money! Get on their level, make it interesting to them and relevant, and I promise you have made your job a whole lot easier. How to talk to kids about […]

by Helen • June 17, 2016
Teaching money to kids from an early age is not only wise, but it saves a lot of time when they are teens! The most important lesson for them to learn isn't necessarily what you think it might be...
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The most valuable lesson in teaching money to kids

I have always believed that it is really important from an early age to make sure we are teaching all about money to our kids; helping them to explore the value of cash. Not with a view to creating mini tycoons, but to help them understand that people, and in particular, their parents work to provide for […]

by Helen • May 27, 2016
Just some of the products on cobuy on Cahootsy...join and they could be yours. Enter our giveaway to win £100 from them from your favourite store too! Closes 12th December
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#Win £100 voucher for your favourite kids store from Cahootsy

After the clothes from yesterday’s giveaway, we have another voucher for you today – sponsored by the fantastic crowd-shopping site Cahootsy! Register for the site, and you could be saving lots of money on those things that you really need to get, from baby products, to toys, and furniture. There is a Cahootsy category for […]

by Helen • December 5, 2015
Christmas gift tags for kids to colour, or to print out for free for your Christmas presents
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Free printable Christmas gift tags

Its nearly Christmas – and that means we need to start thinking about wrapping, mince pies, and everything else that goes with the season, including getting hold of Christmas gift tags, so that your son doesn’t end up with your daughter’s gift! ;-)   We all know that the time will come when you are […]

by Helen • October 23, 2015
Do your kids get pocket money - that's great, because there are a few reasons why having it is good for your kids.
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Why having pocket money is good for your kids

  Today’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse is all about pocket money!  Do we give it to our kids; what for; how much and whether or not it is a good idea.  We both have our own opinions and I am sure that you will all have yours ;-) Areas of the topic that we discuss […]

by Helen • September 11, 2015
Do you know the property market in the UK - do you need to know more? Then check out this video and our post for more details to help you save your family some money
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How to understand the UK property market to help you to save as a family

We have a mortgage. We have also rented in the past, and even been landlords, but that does’t mean we have a CLUE about the property market here in the UK, and what we need to be thinking about when we are looking to buy, or get a mortgage. My husband is an accountant even, […]

by Helen • June 25, 2015
How do you get free stuff for kids - we have a few ideas for you, and even include some of the best free stuff for kids out there now! Come along and enjoy!
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Frugal Parenting: How to get free stuff for your kids & babies

The average cost of raising a child in the UK is £230,000 according to the CEBRR – a 63% increase since 2003. The first four years of a child’s life are the MOST expensive, so there’s really no time like the present to learn about how to get freebies for your kids and babies. Give […]

by ColleenB • May 20, 2015
Are you going to be a new parent soon - we have some great tips for you for living frugally when the little ones arrives...and they may not be as obvious as you think!
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5 ways for new parent frugal living you might not have thought of

Becoming a parent is a daunting task for us all. I remember it well. Just sitting down, with my wee daughter in her car seat after coming back from the hospital, just staring at her in our lounge, and then staring at my husband thinking… “Right, erm, yes – what the hell do we actually […]

by Helen • April 22, 2015
Are you looking to get a little extra as a mum? Then Check out GetPaidTo to see what they can offer you, they have money to earn, and cashback on purchases - which if you were buying anyway...why wouldn't you?
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GetPaidTo: Surprise yourself and earn from your armchair

  I was recently asked to review the GetPaidTo website as a way for earning a few extra pounds as a mum. My work at home journey has been fraught, and just ever so slightly bumpy and generally not how I actually imagined it would be at all. I am clearly the ideal person to take a look at a […]

by Helen • November 12, 2014
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Tips on talking to your kids about money

This is a guest blog by Sara Williams. She’s a CAB advisor who runs the Debt Camel debt advice website, but here she is looking at how to talk to small children about money and what worked well with her two. Jonathan Swift, who wrote Gulliver’s Travels said “You should have money in your head, […]

by Helen • August 13, 2014