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Children arguing; imagine this to try and stay calm...
Behaviour training tips for parents

Children arguing: how to deal with answering back

Last week, we discussed what answering back actually is; it’s more to do with children arguing than with them asking questions…so now lets look at how we might deal with it…firstly, do not respond to the child with anger and walk away if you need to. It is important to diffuse the situation and give […]

by Maria Albertsen • November 22, 2012
Mum blogs; Knit me a cupcake I'll be back for breakfast...

Mum blogs: Knit me a cupcake, I’ll be back for breakfast*….

I’m a bit late to the Liz Jones, mum blogs, Blogfest party thang. In fact I wasn’t going to write about it at all. I just didn’t want to give The Daily Mail what it was after. More links and more chatter. So in a pathetic attempt to stand up for that I am not […]

by Helen • November 21, 2012
Second and third pregnancy: Is it easier going from two to three and one to two?
Parenting Tips

Your second pregnancy? It’s a numbers game…

A friend asked me today whether I found it more of a challenge going from one child to two or the two to three? Interesting question I thought. Is it harder after the second pregnancy, the third, and so on? Honestly, in some ways the first bit was exactly the same –  juggling children with a […]

by Beckie • November 20, 2012
Child body image: exercising together
Healthy lifestyle tips

Child body image and healthy eating

This summer the government recommended that all school children should take part in compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons, this followed the recent All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) ‘Reflections on body image’ report. Key discoveries included: Over 30% of girls as young as five worry about how they look, fear becoming fat and indulge in […]

by Helen • November 19, 2012
Answering back: but what is it?
Behaviour training tips for parents

Answering back; what is it REALLY?

Here on KiddyCharts, we have a behaviour for our create your own reward charts to encourage children not to answer back. Before we tackle this as an issue, we would like to explore a little about what answering back actually is…. I hear some parents when I’m out and about telling their children to be […]

by Maria Albertsen • November 15, 2012
Chore Charts; Chatterbox Marketing Leaflet

Chore charts: Chatterbox takes role as Marketing exec

I have said before that my kids were the key inspiration for my chore charts and reward charts business; but little did I know that they would want to be so involved in it… Chatterbox goes to a computer club after school; and while many of her peers are playing Monster Trucks, including Stuntboy – […]

by Helen • November 14, 2012
Tantrums: tips on dealing with them
Behaviour training tips for parents

Strategies for dealing with tantrums: OH NO I WON’T!

Oh we seem to be having more than our fair share of mega strops and tantrums in our house recently. I would like to put it all down to flu jabs but somehow I think it’s more than that! The reward charts available from KiddyCharts are a great way to help your child to see […]

by Beckie • November 13, 2012
Warner Brothers Tom and Jerry Event
Kids toy reviews

Warner Brothers spectacular: A London day out

Going into London is a bit of a mission for us. It’s not like it used to be before we have children; its a major undertaking. So we only do it when we think we are going to have fun. I packed off the KiddyCharts kids on the train and headed to London over half-term […]

by Helen • November 9, 2012
KiddyCharts Gold Star Linky: Proud Mama
Parenting Tips

Gold star linky: what have you done today that makes you feel proud?

We don’t shout enough about how well we do as parents, we are always beating ourselves up about not doing this, not doing that. Sometimes even the books don’t help. They can make us feel inadequate. Well you aren’t, you’re all fantastic. Just think of one thing that you did or your children have done […]

by Helen • November 7, 2012