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Parenting Tips

Working Mums: World business domination or rowing?

  I am still losing my baby weight. In all honesty, that’s not great…. Why am I still I size 16 six years after my first child? People said when I had Chatterbox, “Don’t worry, you’ll lose the baby weight soon enough.” But then about five minutes later – I was pregnant again with Stuntboy. […]

by Helen • April 10, 2012
How do you stop aggressive children?
Disciplining your children

Toddlers hitting – what can we do?

I read an article a week or so ago about a very pretty little girl who had started hitting other children, and it got me thinking… I remember when my two both went through this phase. Its not an easy thing to deal with, but it’s also critical to get it right. How you deal […]

by Helen • April 6, 2012
Behaviour training tips for parents

And the Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to….

Little people have this un-canny knack for melodrama. I am presuming that its not just my little people, or at least I am hoping it isn’t. And the Oscar for best supporting actress goes to…. Performances seem to be at their best when someone is about to be told off. Sort of like Julia Roberts […]

by Helen • April 4, 2012
Please Nominate Me by Clicking - Best Small Business Blog

MAD Blog Awards: Panic nominate now!

We’ve been nominated as Best Small Business Blog in week 1 in the MAD Blog Awards which is fantastic. Thanks so much for your support and for getting us this far. Panic Nominate NOW! I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, and I am definitely not but…… I do need more nominations. There I’ve said it […]

by Helen • April 2, 2012
Groovy Mums Badge
Parenting Tips

Working Mums: Go to the ball to get your groovy back!

Usually, I don’t get to go to the ball. Something to do with having two small children, a husband that works late, and an embryonic business that needs a bit of attention. However, this time I did. Cinderella gets to go the the Twitter Party It very probably had something to do with the fact […]

by Helen • March 30, 2012
Ballerina Behaviour Chart
Reward Charts

KiddyCharts: Snow White and Hulk Announce Reward Chart Store Launch!

We made it. Phase I is here; but whatever does that mean though? Well, the blog is up and running on – yeah. And most importantly, we have finally managed to get a reward charts store together so that you can order hardcopy versions of the printable reward charts that we shall be offering […]

by Helen • March 28, 2012
Business Mums Blog Carnival

Business Mums Blog Carnival

Hi everyone. Just a quicky to say thanks to Grace Marshall for hosting the Business Mums Blog Carnival in March. This carnival is brought to us monthly by the lovely, Helen Lindop, over at Business Plus Baby. If any of you are looking for some inspiration, or advice about running the business, or indeed just […]

by Helen • March 23, 2012
Family holiday locations & tips

Parenting: Flying with kids – Five tips on how to stay sane

We flew to Australia once. With a two year old and an eight month old. I know we really were mad, but my husband had to work out there and I was still on maternity leave. It was one of those opportunities that really shouldn’t be missed. So we didn’t miss it. And we have […]

by Helen • March 22, 2012
Behaviour training tips for parents

Parenting: Happy Mothers Day Everyone – Or was it?

My dear Chatterbox is six. She made me about that number of cards for Mothers Day on Sunday, which was lovely. And this is my favourite one – can you see why?

by Helen • March 20, 2012