We have all been there but how exactly do we encourage our children to put stuff away?

In this Google Hangout I am talking with our resident coach, Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching about  encouraging our children to put stuff away.  This remains a constant challenge for all parents and I am sure we all get fed up with the sound of our own voices when we are forever asking our children to clear up after themselves.  How often do you end up putting things away yourself?   Breakfast packets are often left out on the side in the kitchen or  clothes are left scattered all over the floor (especially teenagers!) and us parents are often found pulling our hair out.

Here are a just some of a few suggestions that we discuss:

  • using tidy away music
  • encouraging from an early age to tidy up
  • leading by example
  • praise when they have put their stuff away

Do you have any tips to share that we have missed out?  Are you living in constant untidiness in your house?  Are you always tidying up after your children?  Do share your stories with us below