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Craft time over the summer perhaps

Getting ready for the holidays – tidy that craft drawer!

Here we are coming into the last week of term. As always the holidays are a mixed blessing- time for tired kids to relax and recover, but a time when they are always around and we have to juggle them, work, and the usual jobs.  I reckon it takes us, as a family, a week […]

by Beckie • July 17, 2012
Munch Time 2012 Competition
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Munch Bunch Munch Time 2012 Short Stories Competition – Only a Week of Voting to Go

I’m not a bitter woman *bah humbug.* So, that’s why I am encouraging you to nip on over to the Munch Bunch Munch Time 2012 Short Story competition and take a look at the great stories on there; you can even print some of them out, and read them to your kids. I am sure […]

by Helen • July 16, 2012
Kiddycharts Reward Charts Little Star Birthday Cake
Parenting Tips

Mums birthday: What is your birthday like now you have had kids?

It was my birthday this week; mums birthday. Not a particular special one for me; just one more year to forty…which is a whole other story.. Birthdays mean a lot in our house; parties, spectacular cakes (bought of course), cards, meals out, early morning chaos, wrapping paper everywhere and frantic last minute buying. But typically, […]

by Helen • July 13, 2012
How to deal with night terrors

How to deal with night terrors in children

Of all the issues I’ve spoken to parents about, night terrors in children comes pretty close to being one of the most terrifying things a parents has to deal with, of course, excluding serious physical illness.When a child has night terrors, the parent will describe how the child bolts upright with wide open eyes full […]

by Maria Albertsen • July 12, 2012
Waiting for the Olympic Torch relay
Parenting Tips

Olympic Torch Relay – A day in the rain

We saw the torch on Saturday this week; it was soggy beyond belief, the English weather surpassed itself. The torch was carried up our high street; almost swum up it by some extremely well deserving people. Who didn’t mind at rain a jot. All a bit different for Stuntboy though… Fearless at the sight of […]

by Helen • July 11, 2012
Playing the Clarinet
Disciplining your children

Positive Parents: A bit of belief and practise goes a long way….

We always try to be positive parents with our children; that way they can be more positive too… The last few days have been our daughter’s show case. On Thursday, the boys and I, armed with cheddars, cereal bars and a packet of Haribos each, sat through the music club concert and their sister’s rendition […]

by Helen • July 10, 2012
Choose any of these giveaways - all under £50!
Great giveaways for kids & parents

£50 Experience Day Voucher Giveaway

Fancy £50 to spend on a day out over the summer with Experience Days? Please Note – this giveaway is now CLOSED. HOW TO ENTER… Just use the widget below. It really is as simple as that. The more times you enter, the more chances you have to win. Just choose which of the options […]

by Helen • July 9, 2012
Make sure you check the car before you go; we wouldn't want to break down with the kids now would we?
Family holiday locations & tips

Children in Cars: Six Top Tips for Trouble Free Car Travel

So, you’ve finally got your bottom in gear and booked that perfect family holiday that’s tailored to your child’s every whim….typically!…or maybe you’ve just planned a bit of fun day for people, with the main focus of getting yourself and your kids out of the house, so that they don’t brain each other. But it […]

by Helen • July 6, 2012
Sometimes all mums get upset, cross and frustrated
Parenting Tips

Parent Coaching: It’s never too late to change your perspective, mum…

Beckie works in Parent Coaching, but sometimes even she needs to view life with a different perspective… Another month has flown by – June is always busy and this last week particularly so with school outings, the fete and gym display. The kids have had a great time – film making and having a go […]

by Beckie • July 3, 2012