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BlogCamp; let them eat cake

I lost my BlogCamp Cherry…

This time last week I went to BlogCamp. I wore a dress, slipped on a pair of comfy shoes and went to meet some people that actually knew what blogging was really all about. Oh, and to eat some cake. I wasn’t disappointed. There were bloggers a plenty, cake, lovely free pens from Cross Pens […]

by Helen • September 21, 2012
Wean off a dummy: a picture of a baby girl with one
Parenting Tips

Top 3 tips to wean off a dummy

Many parents often worry at what age they should try to help their child wean off a dummy. Are you struggling? Well we are here to help. Firstly, try our sticker charts; we have a wean off a dummy behaviour all ready to go for you. Secondly, listen to our lovely Agony Aunt, Maria Albertsen, as […]

by Maria Albertsen • September 20, 2012
Reward Charts

Reward charts for kids: Make YOURSELF proud

So whats the point? Do reward charts for kids actually work? You sell them – so why on earth should I bother carrying on reading this…you are BIASED…. But wait, yes I am, but not because I sell them…. ….because they have helped me with my kids, and continue to help my friends too. They have […]

by Helen • September 19, 2012
Spend time with your kids: reading to them is a great activity
Parenting Tips

Spend time with your kids…that’s when they feel special and loved

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. Its not hard to do; spend time with your kids, it can be the best reward for them, and for you as well…. Yesterday our oldest returned from a weekend at cub camp. He had a fab time climbing, abseiling and […]

by Beckie • September 18, 2012
Free Activities For Kids

How to make a pinwheel from foam

Nothing could be simpler than showing you how to make a pinwheel from foam; they are decorative too. They could bring a bit of colour to any garden or party. The wooden skewer makes them easy to stand up in plant pots or vases. Why not make a whole bunch of them with the kids? […]

by Guest Blogger • September 17, 2012
Blogging for business: starting a new personal blog

Blogging for business: Stickers, Stars & Smiles for personal stuff…

We have been blogging for business here at KiddyCharts for nearly 9 months now. Wow – is it really, really that long? And I STILL have a lot to say…shock, horror. However, some of it isn’t right to say on a small business website, so I am not going to. I have set up a […]

by Helen • September 14, 2012
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Are your kids sports mad? – ParentMail Kit Out Competition

Are your kids sports fanatics? More and more children are really getting their teeth into a variety of sports activities, ranging from football to martial arts, golf to athletics, and it’s us Mummies and Daddies that are the ones ferrying them around to all of these clubs! Have you found your kids are even more […]

by Helen • September 13, 2012
Back in School: Learning through play can re-enforce classroom learning

Back in School: How to keep your kids learning whilst playing

September 1st: The day all parents breathe a sigh of relief. Soon the school bells are ringing and our little ones are back in school, making a mess there and not in our homes! As a child, I used to get quite excited for the first day back, and finding out what new things I […]

by Helen • September 12, 2012
Starting School: how do we fair when they have all gone?

Starting school: How do us mums feel when they have all gone?

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. The start of the second week of term and it’s a big week in our house. Littlest is starting school. The first week went smoothly; my oldest has the new deputy head and once we got over the blip of him not wanting […]

by Beckie • September 11, 2012