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Behaviour Charts are in the Finals - Whoop, Whoop! Check out this Personalised Princess Reward Chart

We’ve been short-listed for the MAD Blogging Awards: Queue (nearly) naked jumping!

My iPad beeped last night after I had gone to bed. Oops. Brad grumbled (quite rightly), and I frantically fumbled around in the dark trying to turn the dam thing off. I noticed it was a Twitter notification, but didn’t actually bother to read it. Little did Brad know the reason for the disturbance.  And […]

by Helen • May 11, 2012
Free Activities For Kids

Tuesday Tips: Does your heart sink at the prospect of craft? Then do it together!

This is a guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. We have just met up with some old friends who no longer live here.  It’s great to catch up with them. We first met when our oldest were both under a year at our local toddler group. Then we used to get together […]

by Beckie • May 8, 2012
Be careful you don't spam Reddit because you don't have enough time...

Oh no – am I really a Spammer?

I had a horrible experience at the weekend, and it really was all my fault. Drowning in Social Media Channels I love writing my blog, and I want other people to love it to. For two reasons: I want it to give people a bit of a laugh or tell them something knew I hope […]

by Helen • May 4, 2012
Finally it has stopped raining
Parenting Tips

Introducing Tuesday Tips for Parenting

It’s exciting times here at KiddyCharts. Introducing Tuesday Tips in Parenting We are very pleased to announce that we have a new guest blogger coming on board to help us out on Tuesdays. The lovely Beckie Whitehouse, a parenting coach who owns Be Confident Coaching. She describes herself as an: Imperfect Mum of 3 dedicated to […]

by Helen • May 2, 2012
Kids seem to want to grow up too soon - getting excited about going in the bog boy playground
Behaviour training tips for parents

Parenting: Please stop your growing up -RIGHT NOW!

My little stuntboy is five in a month… Will you PLEASE just stop growing up? I remember him being tiny and it seemed like only yesterday. Now he is just huge… And the scarey thing is, he wants to be even older, and even more enormous. So this is just a plea to my son, […]

by Helen • April 30, 2012
The moon is up - time to use that iPhone!
Parenting Tips

Working Mums: 10 reasons why we should sleep with our iPhones…

Last week, the lovely Ally Pinney from Mumsclub challenged her blog readers to do without their iPhone for a whole weekend…and I wimped out. I am seriously sorry. I have only really had it for a year. Be it appears to have taken on the significance of a third child in my family. A slightly […]

by Helen • April 27, 2012
Seven Secrets about the Behaviour Charts guru (ahem)

Seven secrets about myself: including the one about the knickers…

I was using the wonderful LoveAllBlogs site to dip in and out of blogs the other day and I came across this great post from Chez Mummy about her Kate Winslet/Gwyneth Paltrow moment where the lovely Mother Venting, From Fun to Mum and More Than a Mum Blog had bestowed upon her a fantabulous award. The post was a few months ago, and was […]

by Helen • April 18, 2012
Party on with KiddyCharts Behavior and Chore Charts
Reward Charts

Behavior Charts Arrive Fashionably Late!

Hi there, we have launched our behavior charts service now… …so to celebrate, we decided to pop along to the Ultimate Blog Party Blog Hop on Five Minutes for Mum – apologies for the late arrival, but that is fashionable isn’t it? Standing in the corner… We are a VERY new business – kind of like […]

by Helen • April 17, 2012
Parenting Tips

Working Mums: Eight reasons why chocolate should be in your business plan

A week or so ago, I worked in the coffice. For those of you who haven’t encountered that yet, it basically means sitting in a coffee shop with a WiFi connection pretending to work, but in fact eating chocolate brownie. While I was doing this it made me realise how important chocolate is to working […]

by Helen • April 16, 2012