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Free World Kindness Day Printables for Kids

World Kindness Day is celebrated every 13 November and is a day set aside to highlight good deeds within our communities. The seed of kindness is always a good one to sow in our children. Kindness bridges any gaps there may be due to religion, race, gender, and class. This is why we have some great and free World Kindness Day printables for your kids!

Whilst World Kindness Day may be celebrated once a year it’s always a good moment to spread kindness in our world. It is especially important to celebrate World Kindness Day for kids as this encourages harmony and tolerance within them. Both of which are traits that they can take with them into adulthood.

To celebrate World Kindness Day and kindness everyday we have a variety of free World Kindness Day printables and resources to help your kids join in on making the world a better place through kindness and love.

World Kindness Day Printables for Kids

Make someone’s day sweeter and spread kindness with our lollipop covers and sweetest recipes

Remember, a happy child will spread kindness like a cold. This FREE happiness planner for kids is a great way to get started!

FREE Happiness Planner FOR KIDS

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Kindness activities for kids

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