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Cake, dessert and biscuit recipes for kids and the family

Am I the only with a sweet tooth? Of course, not! If you have ended up on this page that means that you love cakes, desserts, and biscuits as much as we do. You’re probably looking for some yummy recipes too, right? Some of our most popular cake, dessert, and biscuit recipes can be found on this page so make yourself a cuppa and decide on your next treat!

Cake, dessert, and biscuit recipes for kids and the family

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Cake recipes

Whether you are after some old favourites like chocolate cake. Or have special dietary requirements and are looking for vegan cake options we have you covered. One of our most popular recipes is our dairy free chocolate cake! I’m partial to chocolate but whatever you may prefer, check out some of our favourite options below.

Dessert recipes

If you prefer to leave the cakes aside and opt for another sweet treat then our collection of desserts is for you. What about a delicious peach cobbler? Or how about a meringue? Go on and have a look. And don’t forget to Pin some of these recipes for later!

We all love a good biscuit, don’t we? Here are some of our favourite biscuit recipes. Why not bake them with your kids? Hope you enjoy!

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Cake, dessert, and biscuit recipes for kids and the family.

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