What do I do…my toddler keeps head banging?!?

Head banging in kids: tips to help

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Head banging in kids: tips to help


We have another wonderful hangout today from Kate Barlow, our lovely parent coach from theparentconsultancy.com; this time we are talking about a subject close to my heart, thanks to my behaviour when I was a tot…head-banging in children. For one reason and another, I did it; no idea how my mum managed! Thankfully, my two don’t but I am sure that there are other littles out there that are prone to head banging. *not to Bon Jovi of course*

This advice video is posted to help mums who are worried about head banging and not really sure what to do. We cover:

  • Should we be worried
  • Is it normal
  • What can we do to help
  • Is it OK to ignore head banging?
  • Do they grow out of it, plus others too

Do check out some of our other videos too; they might be helpful as well:

Do you have any tips for parents coping with head banging? Do let us know. And if you liked this video – subscribe to our blog posts for more great advice, reviews and giveaways.


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  • You gotta love kids, they’re always throwing us something new to deal with. I’ve not had a head-banging toddler, but our second daughter is only 16 months old so this is all handy to know. Thanks.

  • I’ve never had to deal with head banging but I’m off to check out the thumb sucking one because my 8 year started copying her cousin a few years ago and now can’t stop sucking her thumb. I’m really worried her teeth are going to suffer.

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