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Parenting Snapshots #9: Pacifier Use – Giving up that Dummy

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Pacifier use: PictureThis week in our parenting snapshots, we are chatting to Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy about pacifier use, or using the dummy as they call it in the UK.

Many parents have tried to give their child a pacifier; we did with your little boy in fact. For some babies, it works well, but for others, they don’t take to it. Stuntboy wanted me, and nothing else!

However, once pacifier use is regular. It can be hard to get your child, particularly when they reach toddler age, to give it up. In this hangout, we chat about how to tackle this, as well as discussing other aspects of pacifier use including:

  • Why do parents start to use a pacifier or dummy
  • What is the real purpose to a dummy/pacifier?
  • What is the dummy run?
  • What age is it best to stop using one?
  • What can you do if you haven’t given up by this age…for a child under one?
  • What are the strategies for helping an older child give up?
  • Do rewards and incentives work? We do have a reward chart to help with giving up the dummy, which includes a lovely picture of our very own little star with a pacifier!
  • Should we invent a dummy/pacifier fairy?

So here we go – here is the hangout for you….

Parenting Snapshots: Giving up the dummy


What are your thoughts on pacifier use and giving up the dummy? Do you have any further ideas on what to do? Please do give us some advice in the comments below.

Abby Boid

Wednesday 4th of December 2013

Two of our three loved the dummy. I didn't mind at all. I have found that all the kids habits can be broken after about 3 nights. Tops. And, with the help of a dummy fairy, giving up is not that painful an experience for the child or the parents!


Wednesday 4th of December 2013

Hi Abby - thanks for the comment. Dummy fairies can do wonders can't they! :-D Anything that makes things easier for children and parents has got to be a good thing.

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