If you are struggling with your child's behaviour and they just aren't listening to you. This really is the answer.
Behaviour training tips for parents

One simple reason why your child isn’t listening to you

Isn’t it amazing how words like ‘ice cream’ or ‘park,’ or anything else that strikes kids as fun are heard right away. While anything boring, like it’s time to clean up your toys or go to bed, can sail right over their heads simply by your children pretending they never even heard it in the […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • November 12, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

The only way to offer your toddler choice to stop those meltdowns

I have to say I love having lots of choice. If I find a great top and it only comes in one colour, I’m disappointed. If it comes with tons of colour choices I’m going to feel much happier, even I pick the same colour every time. Ok, so I’m a creature of habit. We […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • October 28, 2015
Yelling at kids - we all do it, and wish that we didn't. I want to stop; and here are the reasons why, and how you to can do it!
Disciplining your children

I want to stop yelling at the kids

It’s been one of those weeks….and when we have one of those week’s the inevitable almost always happens. Yelling at the kids becomes something that, though I am trying not to do, it sneaks in during those stressful moment. We all have them – I felt particularly hassled about work, the social media course I am […]

by Helen • April 21, 2015
aggressive child
Behaviour training tips for parents

Parenting tales from the sofa – your aggressive child

  As a parent we do all we can to protect our little ones when they are growing up and try to teach them right from wrong.  However, what can we do if we have an aggressive child who hits or lashes out at another person or animal?  It can be mortifying when our child […]

by Helen • December 17, 2014
biting child
Behaviour training tips for parents

Biting child: how to stop your child if it happens to you

  In our latest Google Hangout, I am accompanied by Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching to discuss what to do if we have a biting child in the family.  Sometimes we can see it as an embarrassment but we also forget that it can be a natural part of your child’s development.  It is […]

by Helen • November 26, 2014
It can be hard to stay calm with the kids, but we have some thoughts on how to do it in our latest hangout.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Parenting snapshots: Staying calm

  Staying calm with your children is something that is close to my heart and I am sure to other parents watching this hangout. Trying to stay calm when caught in middle of tantrum or a cross child that is shouting can be very difficult and quite often we can find ourselves shouting at them […]

by Helen • October 8, 2014
Behaviour training tips for parents

Parenting Snapshots: Punishing my child – is it OK?

In this week’s parenting snapshot we are talking about something that is hugely relevant to me: is punishing my child okay and how do we do it? I think every parent has a concern over whether or not it’s okay to punish their children.  When do children start to learn right from wrong and how […]

by Helen • September 30, 2014
Behaviour training tips for parents

Anger – spotting the triggers

Last week I was at parenting course for teenagers where we were discussing anger – both that of our teen and ourselves as the parent. There followed a top tip of things to remember when being faced with anger which I thought I must share. I think it applies to our-selves and younger school age […]

by Beckie • July 2, 2014
TIps on Surviving the Terrible Twos
Linkies Parenting Tips Linky

Parenting Tips Linky: Surviving the terrible twos and tantrums

This week, we have another great topic for you for our parenting tips linky; the terrible twos. In the past topics we have covered include: Advice on treating nits Surviving the holidays – with a few activities, tips and tricks for keeping the kids entertained Baby weaning, and Night-time potty training for your child. This month […]

by Helen • June 6, 2014
The Tantrum: Do with ignore our children?
Behaviour training tips for parents

Isn’t ignoring my tantruming child cruel?

  Your child is screaming, and you hear yourself say: “I am off to grab myself a Diet Coke as I could really do with a fix of caffeine. Would you like anything? I can see you are upset, perhaps a drink will help” You make sure that you leave your child in a safe […]

by Helen • May 21, 2014