Parenting tales from the sofa – your aggressive child

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aggressive child


As a parent we do all we can to protect our little ones when they are growing up and try to teach them right from wrong.  However, what can we do if we have an aggressive child who hits or lashes out at another person or animal?  It can be mortifying when our child hits another and quite often our response can be to tell our children off and remove them rapidly from the activity they were taking part in.

What is the correct way to deal with our child if he has shown aggression or hit another child?  I am joined by Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching in our latest parenting tales from the sofa to discuss ways we can deal with the situation when it happens.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Why do some children hit others
  • How do you remove an older child from the situation
  • Explaining why aggression should not be shown
  • How to best discipline a child when they have show aggression
  • Should you seek outside help?


Had your child ever hit another?  How did you deal with it?  Do you have any other suggestions that may benefit our readers?



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