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Parenting Snapshots: Punishing my child – is it OK?

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punishing my child

In this week’s parenting snapshot we are talking about something that is hugely relevant to me: is punishing my child okay and how do we do it?

I think every parent has a concern over whether or not it’s okay to punish their children.  When do children start to learn right from wrong and how do we deal with what we deem as bad behaviour?   What is relevant punishment for an age group?  Children tend not to learn the difference between right and wrong until they are at least 2 years old, but is it okay to start punishment before then?

I have teamed up again with Beckie White from to discuss when it is okay to punish our children and what reprimand should be given.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Is it okay to punish our children
  • When age is it okay to start and how?
  • How to deliver removal of privileges
Parenting Snapshots: Punishing my children - is it OK?


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