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How to inspire children’s creativity hangout #playthehero

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I recently joined in a Google hangout Q&A session together with Britmums, psychologist, Chireal Shallow and several other parent bloggers to discuss how we can encourage our children to be more independent with their creativity by using their imaginations.

The hangout was sponsored by Phillips lighting who are celebrating the launch of their Spiderman day and night lights.

Some of the topics covered in the hangout are:

  • Preparing and scheduling your days during the holiday period
  • Making car trips more interesting
  • Managing conflict between your children
  • Using imaginative play to role play your child’s worries

You can watch the full hangout here:

How to inspire children's creativity #PlaytheHero


Does your child use imaginative play? How do they let their creativity flow? As usual, we would love to hear your comments below

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