Healthy eating for kids: How to encourage it

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Healthy eating for kids: top tips


There has been a good deal in the press in recent months about healthy eating for kids, in particular trying to encourage our kids to be active, and to stem the tide of advancing obesity in the next generation.

We have therefore invited Kate Barlow to offer some solutions to this quandary for parents, to try and strike the balance between technology and encouraging our kids to be active and develop that healthy eating for kids ethos that will hopefully stay with your children as they grow up.

On the hangout we discuss:

  • How to encourage healthy eating for kids
  • To give yourself a good start by setting a good example and developing good habits
  • To check your packaging and why this is important, and more.

With marketing machines turned on to the concept that healthy eating for kids sells, it is more and more important to educate ourselves so we can really help our kids. Let this video be a good starting point for your own education.

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