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Do your kids get pocket money - that's great, because there are a few reasons why having it is good for your kids.
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Why having pocket money is good for your kids

  Today’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse is all about pocket money!  Do we give it to our kids; what for; how much and whether or not it is a good idea.  We both have our own opinions and I am sure that you will all have yours ;-) Areas of the topic that we discuss […]

by Helen • September 11, 2015
So - what do you do if your kids are going to get a new sibling, and a new baby is going to enter the calm (cough) or your home? Here are some ideas to help introduce the idea of a new sibling to your little ones.
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Preparing a child for a new sibling

  Welcome to another parenting tales from the sofa hangout with myself and Beckie Whitehouse where today we are discussing how to prepare your child the the arrival of a new sibling. Preparing your kids for the arrival of another baby in the household is something that needs to be done over a period of […]

by Helen • September 4, 2015
It isn't easy - even for an adult - dealing with disappointment, whether it s lower grade, a different class, or just something more simple. Here are some ideas to help out kids deal with those slightly tougher times....
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to help your child deal with disappointments

  This week, with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about facing disappointment.  As adults we often face disappointments in our lives and it is just the same for children, especially when they have put their all into a particular task and it has not quite worked out as they had planned. Children who are better […]

by Helen • August 28, 2015
how are you going to tackle to school holiday tiredness. We have some great tips for you to get through the tireder times!

Summer term tiredness – How to survive the holidays

Summer term tiredness is our latest topic in our Google Hangout series.     It is now the end of summer term and my kids are shattered!!  It has been a very long half term and there has been so much going on in school, the weather has been hot and the children are sleeping less […]

by Helen • August 7, 2015
Do you want your kids to have good manners? We chat about how you can encourage good habits from an early age and beyond, so they are polite.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Good manners: How to help our kids be polite little people

  Welcome to another hangout on air and this week we are discussing teaching our children good manners. Good manners aren’t something that kids are just born with of course. They are something that they need both to be taught, and also see other using, so that they can learn to copy. As we all […]

by Helen • July 31, 2015
What can you do if your toddler runs away? How can you stop them from doing it again, particularly if they just don't get it? We have some ideas in our Google Hangout on the topic.
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How to deal with it if our toddler runs away

Have you ever had your toddler run away from you?  Is it one of your fears that you go on a day out and you suddenly find yourself with one less child?  Having a toddler running off is not something you even think about when you are expecting but as your child grows, both with […]

by Helen • July 24, 2015
Friendships play a massive part in our child's development and helping them to be a good friend from an early age will help them as they get older and approach adulthood
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How to encourage your children to be a good friend

Welcome to another Parenting Tales from the Sofa and we are again joined by Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching.  This week we are talking about childrens friendships and how to help to be good friends with each other.  Friendships play a massive part in our child’s development and helping them to built trusted friendships […]

by Helen • July 3, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to encourage sharing between children

Welcome to another Google Hangout with myself and Becky Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching and this week we are talking about sharing which is a difficult situation from a young age right through to 10-11 years.  Many of us will no doubt have had to deal with squabbles, both at home and mother baby groups, […]

by Helen • June 12, 2015
We have all been there but how exactly do we encourage our children to tidy stuff away?
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to encourage kids to put stuff away

In this Google Hangout I am talking with our resident coach, Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching about  encouraging our children to put stuff away.  This remains a constant challenge for all parents and I am sure we all get fed up with the sound of our own voices when we are forever asking our […]

by Helen • May 29, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

Hangout: Tips on looking after children when alone

Welcome to this week’s Google Hangout where today we are talking about looking after children when you are on your own.  Being on your own doesn’t just mean life as a single parent but also covers other parents that are away or there is one person who works later than the other. As usual I […]

by Helen • May 8, 2015