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Preparing a child for a new sibling

So - what do you do if your kids are going to get a new sibling, and a new baby is going to enter the calm (cough) or your home? Here are some ideas to help introduce the idea of a new sibling to your little ones.

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Welcome to another parenting tales from the sofa hangout with myself and Beckie Whitehouse where today we are discussing how to prepare your child the the arrival of a new sibling.

Preparing your kids for the arrival of another baby in the household is something that needs to be done over a period of time in order for your older child(ren) to be involved in what will be their changing family unit.  Both myself and Beckie have experience of this as we both have more than one child ;-)

Some of the advice we cover in our discussion include:

  • Talking to your child.  This is very much dependent on age as a  6-7 year old may be a lot more interested than a 2 year old would be.  Be sure to answer any questions, and there may be many.  Some may not understand what is going on but books such as “Mummy Laid an Egg” can be very helpful
  • Involving your child in your unborn baby.   Allowing them to touch your tummy or talking to the baby will help
  • Explaining what will happen and what arrangements have been made for when baby comes such as: who will look after then when baby comes ( and they often do in the middle of the night!) and where they will be.   What arragements have been made if there are complications
  • Your child regress in their behaviour at the thought of a new baby arriving into the family as they will not understand what is going in.  Now is not the best time to start potty training or moving into a new bed.  Starting a new school is not a good idea but this cannot always be helped around due dates ;-)
  • Taking present for the older child when baby comes so they do not feel left out.  It’s easy to lavish attention on a new baby and for an older child to take a back seat.  Remind visitors to give attention to your older child too.
  • Encouraging your older child to help when baby comes home and being mummy’s special helper

Take a look at the video for even more suggestions:

Do you have more than one child?  How did you help him/her to adapt to the new addition to the family?

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