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How to encourage sharing between children

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Welcome to another Google Hangout with myself and Becky Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching. In this video we are talking about sharing and how to encourage sharing between children. Sharing is a difficult situation from a young age right through to 10-11 years.  Many of us will no doubt have had to deal with squabbles, both at home and mother and baby groups, when your child is keen to take a toy that another child has.

So,  how do we encourage sharing between children? There are many things to take away from our video and I highly encourage that you take the 6 minutes out of your day to have a watch and let us know what your thoughts are.

Since we know that sometimes even 6 minutes can be impossible here are just some of the topics that we cover in our video:

  • leading by example
  • removing an offending item
  • putting toys away that could cause problems with friends
  • discussing sharing issues with your older child
  • rewarding good sharing
  • remind that sharing is important
Helping kids to learn to share

Has your child had issues with sharing? Have you come up with any different solutions to the ones we have mentioned?  Please do share them with us below:

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