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Google Hangout: Tips for Solo Parenting

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Welcome to this week’s Google Hangout where today we are talking about looking after children when you are on your own and tips for solo parenting.  Being on your own doesn’t just mean life as a single parent but also covers other parents that are away or there is one person who works later than the other.

Hangout: Tips for solo parenting

As usual I am joined by Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching and we discuss areas surrounding:

  • finding time for yourself
  • practicalities of the influence of the opposite sex
  • managing decision making when you are on your own
  • creating or keeping routines

If you have 5 minutes (5 minutes and 31 seconds to be exact) then why not make yourself a cuppa and take a little break with our short video. If you don’t then there will be a quick recap below!

Tips on looking after the kids alone

Finding time for yourself

It’s quite difficult to find time for yourself when you find yourself looking for tips solo parenting! Remember, you are not alone in this. You can speak to other parents, family members, or anyone in your community to try and come up with a way to help each other out.

Practicalities of the influence of the opposite sex

The importance of someone else of the opposite gender in the child’s life is paramount. Ensure that you can have a good role model for your child. It could be an uncle, aunt, family member, or friend. Either way, it’s important that your child doesn’t feel isolated from having that role model of the same gender.

Creating and Keeping Routines

Whether you are struggling or not, routines are extremely helpful to keep life in order! Having set routines lets your kids know what to expect and gives a semblance of normalcy. It also does you a load of good and makes your life easier!

Are you on your own with the children either all of the time or what feels like the majority of the time?  How do you handle it?  Please do leave your comments in the section below or join the conversation on the KiddyCharts Twitter page!

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