Hangout: Tips on looking after children when alone

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Looking after children when you are on your own can be lonely.  Our Google Hangout gives some advice on how to cope

Welcome to this week’s Google Hangout where today we are talking about looking after children when you are on your own.  Being on your own doesn’t just mean life as a single parent but also covers other parents that are away or there is one person who works later than the other.

As usual I am joined by Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching and we discuss areas surrounding:

  • finding time for yourself
  • practicalities of the influence of the opposite sex
  • managing decision making when you are on your own
  • creating or keeping routines

Are you on your own with the children either all of the time or what feels like the majority of the time?  How do you handle it?  Please do leave your comments in the section below:

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