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About me or you are special free printable #31daysofactivities

For our 31 days of activities, we have largely been focused on giving something for the kids to do to learn about the world around them. Today, we are offering an you are special activity that allows children to reflect a little more from Unicorn Puffs and Rainbows. It gives them a change to talk “about me” and to process. This helps you explore what makes your child tick, and what is special with them, building confidence and positivity.

About me or you are special free printable

I am sharing this blog post as part of the 31 days activities.  For the event, I have added a free printable which you can complete with a child that is all about how amazing they are. The printable poses simple questions to get to know what the child thinks and get the conversation started.  

You are really special is a lovely worksheet for you do do with a child to think about them as an individual, what is important to them now and in the future.  This printable gives children the opportunity to focus a bit more on the world within as opposed as the world around them. I really hope you enjoy!

How to use the about me printable

To complete this worksheet, depending on the age of the child, you could ask them to complete it independently or they could complete it with an adult or a friend.  The purpose is to get your children to explore their feelings a bit more and focus on themselves and their feelings and wants.

As with anything; I do I love colour and think a different pen or pencil for each answer could make this sheet look great too.  

This sheet is also a lovely way for your kids to get to know someone new. Use the sheet as an ice breaker between your students if you are a teacher, or if your kids meet new friends by allowing them to interview each other, taking it in turns to ask and answer the questions.  The simple questions such as name and age mean that the activity gets off to a good start and the child can confidently ask these.   

How it helps kids

This getting to know you icebreaker work sheet is a great way to get to know children as they move to another year group. It works for a parent to do periodically to see how where your child’s thoughts are and to spend time one to one doing a fun and interactive activity together.  I am always amazed with the answers that children give and how their perspective is so different: What is important to them, what they want to be and how they see themselves.  

That’s one of the most important aspects of the worksheet, to allow children to explore their thoughts, and feelings and overall to be able to share their perspective on themselves.

Children will take longer to answer the questions and they are a good opener to explore other aspects from their answers.  Taking time and allowing the child to see you are genuinely interested in their answers is a really powerful was of connecting with your children too.  Why not practise active listening while you are doing it?

To download the printable, click on the circular image below.

You are special printable

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You're are special free printable

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