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Free printable spring memory matching games #31daysofactivities

Welcome to another day within our 31 days of activities. We have Mombrite guesting on the site with as article today, focused on a printable spring memory matching game for you all.

Free printable spring memory matching games

What’s your favorite season of the year? After a long, cold winter, I am definitely looking forward to spring! And these cute spring-themed memory matching games will help your children welcome the warm weather and blooming flowers in the coming months.

Memory matching games are one of the first games you can play with your kids. Since these memory cards contain only images, toddlers and preschoolers who are not yet reading can jump in on the fun.

What’s great about these matching games is that kids of all ages can play. You’ll be surprised at just how good your child’s memory is.

You can play these games on family game night and enjoy some precious family bonding, or you can set them up in a tray Montessori-style and let your child play independently. However you decide to play these spring matching games, they are sure to help your child learn logic, reasoning, and memorization.

How to print the memory cards

To download the adorable spring memory cards, simply click the image below this article and it is yours it is circular so it’s easier to find.

You can print just one set at a time of 12 cards (6 different images) if your kids have not played memory matching games before. If your kids are well-versed in these types of games, you can print all three sets of 36 cards (18 different images) and really test your kid’s memory!

The designs include different types of flowers that you may see blooming around your area during spring. There are also cards with adorable animals, insects, and amphibians that you may see on a farm or in your backyard that have come out enjoy the warmer weather.

If you are using these cards with toddlers or want to use these cards over and over, I recommend that you print them on cardstock instead of regular printer paper. You can also laminate the sheets before cutting the cards out to make the cards more durable.

How to play the spring memory matching games

After you cut all the cards, place them face down on the table or floor. Taking turns flipping two cards over at a time, each player needs to find the matching pairs. If the two cards turned over are not matching, then turn them back down and move on to the next player. If they do match, then the same player gets to go again.

If the flipped cards match, the person who turned them over gets to pick them up and place them in his or her pile. The person with the most cards in his or her pile wins!

If your child is playing this independently, the rule is the same except your child just keep going until he or she finds all the matching pairs.

You can also introduce time into the game play. If your kid is playing independently, set a timer and see how fast he or she could find all the matching pairs. Then for the next game, see if she or he can beat the previous time.

I hope you and your children enjoy these spring memory matching games!

<< Here you go download the image now – click on the circular picture below >>

Spring memory matching games

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Printable spring memory matching games

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