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Parenting tales from the sofa: Teasing at school

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teasing at school

Teasing at school among young children is every parent’s fear.  After having nurtured them at home in the pre-school years and being there for them when incidents happen at parent and toddler group, letting them go out into the big world of school can be very daunting and you cannot be there to protect them from every other children.

My own daughter gets teased at school as she sits next to a boy she likes.  She also has long hair and often gets comments that she has nits (she doesn’t, I regularly check) ;-)

In this week’s hangout we talk about teasing at school.  These are some of the topics Beckie Whitehouse of and I discuss:

  • How to handle when your child tells you they are being teased
  • How to deal with playground behaviour when shared with older children
  • How to help your child to deal with being left out
Parenting Tales from the Sofa Teasing at school

Has your child had a problem with teasing at school?  How have you helped them deal with it?  How did you handle it yourself?


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