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How not to dye your clothes pink OR what the hell do washing instruction symbols mean?

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What do washing instruction symbols actually mean - we let you know - now, so nothing gets dyed pink

Once upon a time, my husband washed the kids uniform for school. He made the very basic errors of a) not checking the washing instruction symbols properly b) not making sure that there weren’t pairs of frilly knickers hiding un-suspectingly in the washing machine drum….

The dress was a lovely checked blue….but it went into the washing machine with a rather fetching, and delicate pair, of silky red knickers…..

It came out pink, and my daughter refused to wear it ever again…and quite right too. It did look decided odd, pale pink and blue gingham isn’t really a standard colour scheme for most schools; not even those in Brighton *joke*

Ever since then, considerable notice has been taken by my other half of washing instruction symbols. The last person to make an error in the washing department was actually me. I shrank my daughter’s leotard so it now just about fits her teddy bear *oops* Nevermind, Build a Bear costumes are quite a bit of money these days, so now all we have to do is shrink my kids clothes when they are actually too small for them, and hey Presto – the perfect wear for a panda or cute cuddly frog.

It is tales like these that make us all realise that the washing instruction symbols aren’t just there for decoration, they actually MEAN something, but do you know WHAT they stand for.

Who wants to get pink school uniform and teddy bear clothes really. No, I thought not – so here is an infographic that will, I hope, stop those pink moments in your house.

Who knows what washing instruction symbols actually mean? Nope neither did I till I read this!

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Lisa Thorne

Monday 7th of March 2016

Great informative post! Thanks for sharing :)

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