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Parenting Snapshots #1: Rewarding good behaviour hangout

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How do we reward good behavour effectively? We have some tips for you #parenting #kids #rewards

This is a new series on the blog, an we are starting with something very relevant to the site; reward good behaviour. This is another series of hangouts for you lovely lot, as we think on KiddyCharts that video is the way to go. So if you don’t follow Helen Neale or KiddyCharts on Google Plus, then WHAT are you doing? In addition, you might want to check out Kate Barlow as well, who has been kind enough to join in in our chat today.

We are hoping she will continue to do so, as long as we didn’t scare her off. She runs The Parent Consultancy, and has been offering advice to parents like you and I for the last ten years.

This time she joins us to chat about rewarding good behaviour, and ignoring the bad stuff. A simple concept, but its actually rather hard to implement.

We chat about:

  • What do we mean by rewarding good behaviour?
  • Why does this help us with our children,s behaviour?
  • What are your tips for putting this into practise?
  • What rewards work well?
  • how do we ignore bad behaviour?
  • What do we do, for example, if Sibling A has hit Sibling B?!?

Kate has some great ideas on the topic, so why not listen in, and learn. We could all do with some assistance before we start the holidays, so we can have a bit of peace over the next few weeks.

Parenting Snapshots #1 - Rewarding Good Behaviour

If you are going to use this idea over the summer why not download one of our personalised charts to help out too? They really can help. *honest*

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