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Parenting Tales from the Sofa #3: Sibling Bickering Hangout

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Sibling relationshipsWe so haven’t done this for a while, but Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching and I decided to get together to solve the world’s parenting problems again…this time, we are covering sibling relationships, in particular rivalry and bickering…

I am not really saying we can solve your problems instantly, but we aim to help at least. To follow on from her excellent post about kids bickering earlier this week, we thought we would chat a wee bit about sibling relationships and how we try to keep harmony as best we can.

We cover:

  • Should we be worried about sibling bickering?
  • What can we do to minimise it?
  • How do you manage when siblings don’t want to play each others games? Or even one wants to play alone and the other doesn’t?
  • How should we handle it when we are in the thick of it?
  • What is best to avoid when we are dealing with bickering?
  • Does it ever stop?!?

Clearly this is not an easy topic, and its often hard to deal with the situation when you are right in the thick of it, particularly if sibling A is trying to decapitate sibling B with a light saber. However, Beckie tries to suggest some key tactics to keep the chaos to a minimum.

Parenting Tales from the Sofa #3 Sibling Bickering

I don’t know about what you think, but some of these suggestion are going to be implemented in my house without further ado. Anything that can improve sibling relationships in the run up to the summer holidays is a winner for you.

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