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Interview with Jacqueline Harding: Routines for children – why bother?

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Routines for children: Why bother?Nick Jr are currently running a great campaign to encourage parents to use routines for children. Clearly routine is something that we are all for here on KiddyCharts, giving our emphasis on routines within our reward charts, and our articles covering the routine topic. Even my little daughter when the class bear came home wrote a routine out for him!

We have been lucky enough to chat to Jacqueline Harding about her thoughts on routine with kids and the interview is here…we cover:

  • What routines are?
  • Why they are important?
  • When should we introduce routines?
  • How do we stop stressing about our babies not being in a routine?

The most difficult aspect of trying to sort out a routine for me when my children were little was pressure that I felt caused by external influences, such as book, advice from friends, or even from the experts.

Jacqueline points out that its actually OK to stop listening to this, and start listening to what our baby says – it is your baby that dictates your routines. And don’t forget this as the child grows up either, yes pick routines that suit your family BUT also work with your child. If you have a little one who gets easily tired, there really is no point in trying to get them to settle too late in the evening. Give them a bedtime routine that suits you and them.

Come along an listen to us have a natter with a cup of tea – its only a few minutes, and could be a big help to you all! Just click on the play button below, kick back and relax…

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