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It’s tough coming up with fresh ideas for meals every single week when you are a parent. How on earth are you meant to keep it simple, exciting, and nutritious for the kids when there is SO MUCH else to do? That’s why we have a weekly family meal planner for you today. We are using recipes from HelloFresh, our own site, and some of the other best parenting bloggers that we can find that cover family food ideas.

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Weekly family meal planner

We have split this weekly family meal planner into three rows for you, covering all the days of the week. We have chosen meals that we know work for kids; simple, tried and tested.

There are some that are a twist on old favourites, such as a Halloumi burger, and those that have some of the meals that we use as a go to when we really don’t quite know what to do for the kids. We also have some vegetarian options in there as well.

How to use our weekly family meal planner

The beauty of this planner is that you can use it in a couple of ways:

  1. Use it as a planner for a week where you just can’t face working it out for yourself, and someone elsse has done it for you,
  2. Use it when you are stuck, and you just need a spot of inspiration,
  3. Use it with Hellofresh when you really don’t have time to do it all yourself, and you know that there is somewhere to go to get everything you need without having to think too much about it.

You decide how you want to approach it, download the planner, and then go.

As always with our resources, you are in control of how you use it.

What does the meal planner look like?

Clearly, you need to see what the planner looks like before you download it, so here it is:

Family meal planner

For those of you that want to take a look at the recipes beforehand, these are the recipes we have included within the meal planner for you.

Sometimes, we do all of these, and sometimes we just pick and chose depending on how much time we have.

We give the most flexibility to Breakfast and Lunchtime of course.

Some weeks, you just want to get out the cereal, croissants and sandwiches, right? 😉

MonCoconut mango oaty breakfast bitesIndian style eggs benedictHot smoked salmon spaghetti
TueApple and cinnamon breakfast muffinsMini crustless quichesOne pan mexican rice and mince
WedWise owl fruity toastRainbow sandwichesGriddle pork with summer veg
ThuEggy breadPasta with peas and baconChow mein
FriBanana overnight oatsPizza toastEasy pasta pesto
SatSwedish sconesBuffalo chick pea wrapSpanish chorizo and roast cod
SunEasy pancake recipeHalloumi burgerSuper cheesy oven baked risotto

These are ideas for when the kids are at home of course, if you need inspiration for school lunch boxes, why not check these ideas out from My Kids Lick the Bowl?

We love all of these meals; there is variety with different cultures, foods, and styles covered. Something for everyone.

<< To download this – just click on the circular image below and it is yours. >>

Meal planner for the family

We hope that this works for your family. If the whole planner doesn’t work across the week, we trust you have found some recipes that the kids love. Our personal favourites are the Pasta with peas and bacon, and the easy pancakes. You cannot beat a pancake for breakfast, can you?

If you are looking for other food content on our site, do check out all our recipes. Here are some of the highlights as well for you:

Recipes to try on KiddyCharts

Some more ideas for family food from KiddyCharts.

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Cheers for visiting and we hope to see you again soon.

Meal planner from Kiddy Charts

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