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Help me calm down activity sheet for kids

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Help me calm down – We have been sharing some lovely resources with you in our recent kids mental health series that helps you guide your kids to learn to identify and regulate their emotions. And today we bring you yet another lovely post in the series. Don’t forget that we have been running this series in partnership with Leanne Brown, author of the book Daniel’s Dream. The book discusses kids mental health and ways that we can help our kids. Do check out her website as she has a lot of wonderful resources on the site as well as her lovely book. Get the full digital resource pack too (£9.50)!

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It may be difficult to understand that our kids can feel emotions just as intensely as we do. And we are talking about the whole gamut too. From sadness to joy, and fear to happiness, our kids may be able to feel everything we do, but they lack the emotional intelligence to articulate it.

But what can we do as parents?

How many times have you asked your child what is the matter to just be met with a brick wall? This isn´t bad behaviour, but a lack of understanding on their part to articulate it. If we know how to help then we can help, right?

Today we are sharing a sheet that helps you do just that. The Help Me Calm Down sheet from the Daniel’s Dream resource book allows kids to let us know what would be helpful to them in the instances that they are feeling angry or frustrated.

Let’s take a look at the sheet.

Help me calm down

The sheet is extremely simple to follow but efficient, too! There are 4 columns; the first states a solution that you can help provide for your kids, then a yes column, a no column, followed by a sometimes column. These are simple spaces that your child can tick off to let you know if a specific activity can help them or not. And if they are unsure but are willing to try then the sometimes column works too.

The activity sheet is something that you can sit down together and work through, or maybe if your child is a little bit older or more independent they can take a look themselves and sit quietly on their own and have a think about what makes them feel better.

Another great benefit of the sheet is that even though you will be facilitating the solution that your child needs, your kids will be the ones that will be calming themselves down in a sense. As the solutions that they are providing will be all down to them.

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Before you go, take a look at further activities on the site to help kids with their emotions.

And there are even more activities on the web, so do take a look too.

Activities to help your kids with their emotions

If you need more ideas to help your kids deal with their emotions then these posts are worth checking out and trying out.

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