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5 ways to be a sustainable parent for your kids future

Being a parent entails a lot of responsibility. From worrying about your kids sleep routines and how they are doing in school, to taking on external factors like global pandemics and eco-issues. It’s not easy work! The thing is, there are things that you can’t control, and that’s just how life is. The upside is that there are some things that you can control, and one of those is your carbon footprint. If you are looking for ways to make a difference, where are 5 ways to be a sustainable parent for your kids future.

5 ways to be a sustainable parent for your kids future

Sustainable parents: Make changes in your food options

sustainable parent for your kids future

There are many changes that sustainable parents can make in their food options. These changes will make a difference in your household overall, but will more greatly impact the future of your kids. From making the swap to more sustainable farming practices to changing your diet, there is a lot that you can change.

Here are some changes that you can make when it comes to the food you consume:

  • Eat more vegetables: this is important as meat products cause a bigger carbon footprint on the environment,
  • Shop local: the less distance your food has to travel the less pollution goes out into the atmosphere, and,
  • Grow your own: this takes staying local to the next level and not only will you know what goes into your food, but you reduce all transport emissions!

Opt for alternative packaging options

sustainable parent

When you think of making changes in your kids food options you may immediately think about the food itself. And while that is an important change to make it’s also important to consider the packaging that your baby’s / children’s food comes in. Swapping out plastic pouches that aren’t recyclable for packages like Piccolo‘s fully recyclable food pouch when you feed your baby can help. The only one in the UK that is 100% recyclable and is even OK for kerbside recycling! Piccolo is working with First Mile to make sure that those packages that some councils won’t allow in kerbside pick up do get picked up.

For older children – consider the brands in your stores that have less packaging, particularly around sweet stuff and snacks. How many times have you been astounded by the cakes you bought having layer upon layer of plastics on them? Sustainable parents reconsider their futures purchases when this happens 🤣

The packages are made of only one material, and end up as part of the closed loop recycling process, which makes sure that they never go to a landfill and are used again and again. By making these sustainable changes we can be as committed to our kids future as possible.

Recycle and reuse

sustainable parent for your kids

How simple is it to recycle nowadays? Very! Our councils still have some ways to go as we just mentioned, but if we all do our bit it can make a real difference. If you already recycle and want to do something else to help the sustainability efforts, why not reuse your items?

There are so many ways to reuse your old items. For example, sustainable parent can …

  • Use an old egg carton to create a pallete for paints,
  • Make packing peanuts out of styrofoam, and,
  • Donate old clothing to charity shops.

By recycling and reusing your household items you can foster a habit for your kids to keep up with the waste not, want not mentality that is also going to make a positive difference to the planet.

Make changes to your beauty routine

5 ways to be a sustainable

It is simpler than you think to make some changes to your beauty routine that will help the sustainability effort, too. You can ditch facial cleansers with microplastics, stop using face wipes, and even swap out your traditional shampoo to shampoo bars. These may be a bit more expensive, but can make a huge difference.

Buy from ethical companies

Lastly, why not think about the companies that you buy from a bit closer. Our pennies and pounds hold so much power, more than we even imagine. By doing the research we can find out more about the companies that we buy from and their practices.

Sometimes we have brand loyalty and can be unaware that the companies we buy from don’t do the right thing for the environment. That’s why it’s crucial to buy from companies that make an effort to be sustainable.

We hope that this helps you in making the right changes in your day to day life that can impact your kids’ future.

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