Reggie: For the Reading Eggs Review
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Reading Eggs review: Can it encourage your child to read?

Librarians and eggs. Interesting concept. Usually they don’t go together. eggs in a library – could get messy. However, I am a (ex) librarian, and having been given the opportunity to review a new reading website for kids…involving eggs…I couldn’t really say no, could I? Put very simply, Reading Eggs is a site designed to encourage your […]

by Helen • January 21, 2013
Kids toy reviews

Little Star Reviews…..Spin Mania

A game including spinning plates, and Stuntboy…could this be a recipe for complete and utter disaster…we found out at Chez Little Star when we were asked by Drumond Park to review their latest game, Spin Mania. What is it? Now I have to be candid; I wasn’t terribly impressed with the idea of a game […]

by Helen • December 12, 2012
Wombi Toys Review: Repair, test and package up your toys
Kids toy reviews

Little Star reviews…..Wombi Toys for the iPad and iPhone

Little Star was delighted to get an application to review that was focused on toys. We LOVE toys, clearly. Wombi Toys is a simple idea. There are 20 mini games to do within a toy factory run by the charming, Lampy; a robot and erm, a lamp. Children are presented with a conveyor belt of […]

by Helen • December 5, 2012
The Blossom Method
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Little Star Reviews….The Blossom Method by Vivien Sabel

In the first years of their lives, for both of my children, I used baby signing. With Chatterbox in particular, it worked wonders. She developed speech early, and was able to tell me what she wanted long before she could form the words. Therefore, I was fascinated by the idea that we can understand our […]

by Helen • November 12, 2012
Pop Party 10 Review - One Direction
Kids toy reviews

Little star reviews…. Pop Party 10

We are proud to say we have branched out in the reviews to include music. Music is a great reward for our behaviour charts; not least because you can enjoy it too! So when we were asked to review Pop Party 10 from Universal Music, we jumped at the chance. What is it? It’s a […]

by Helen • October 31, 2012
Lawn croquet seems to please Stuntboy
Kids toy reviews

Little Star reviews kids croquet….Lawn Croquet Set from Garden Games

Croquet…sedate…relaxed…sophisticated. Not three words that spring to mind when I think of my kids. But….I have never played kids croquet with them, so we shall see, eh? This Lawn Croquet Set from Garden Games would make a good large reward as its a more expensive item. So perhaps something to save for a really, really special […]

by Helen • October 26, 2012
Toddler kitchen - Mixer set
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Little Star reviews….Le Toy Van Mixer Set

I think I may have said before…that I don’t do baking. However, I do pretend baking…even I can’t stuff that up as it requires just a pinch of imagination, and very little skill. So Chatterbox and Stuntboy were very pleased to get the opportunity to review the Le Toy Van Mixer Set from This is […]

by Helen • October 24, 2012
Omzak Space Cat Warrior Book Review
Kids toy reviews

Little Star Reviews… Omzak: Space Cat Warrior

We received a book to review a few weeks ago: Omzak the Space Cat Warrior by Jaylen Grace. It’s out on October 25th, 2012. I have to admit I giggled a little at the title of the book; but that’s probably because I am a wee bit childish… So what’s the story? Omzak is, erm, […]

by Helen • October 8, 2012
makedo fun; See even mummy can make something with this!
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Little Star Reviews….makedo

We got some lovely stuff to review. It happens to us here at Little Star towers sometimes. This was different though; THIS free stuff was much anticipated by Chatterbox as it involved her favourite thing and my least…craft. She had got to the end of her progress chart, and she wanted a craft session with […]

by Helen • October 5, 2012
Pumpazing review playing about with the toy
Kids toy reviews

Little Star reviews…. Pumpazing

There was chaos in the little star household this week, as we received a game from Drumond Park which made little Stuntboy even more mad than usual….   What is it? Its a simple game; you pump the arms of Zingy after placing the four coloured Zingy heads into his body. They fly out. If […]

by Helen • October 3, 2012