Dora Height ChartThis is a lovely height chart for Dora the explorer lovers!

It is colourful and bright and would brighten up any child’s bedroom.

It comes with a set of magnets for your child to use to decorate it as well.

In addition, it has a set of stickers that you can use to record your child’s age and date of heights recorded.

That is pretty much all you can say about it – it is, after all, a height chart! My daughter thought it was great though :-)

The biggest disadvantage was it is backed with foam, meaning we couldn’t blue tack it to the wall. Being that my daughter is now nearly 5 we didn’t really want to nail it to the wall.

Because of that I’m going to award it 8/10. It would have got full marks if we could have fixed it without having to use nails!

We were provided with this height chart for the purpose of review.


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