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Slow down worksheets

Nature is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It has a way to make us feel connected to the world around us as well as helping us be more in the moment. Mindfulness can be a wonderful thing, but mindfulness in nature is just that much more special. Because of this, we have a wonderful printable booklet for you; the Slow Down booklet gives teachers and parents resources to help their kids focus on the world around them. Let’s have a look at the slow down worksheets printables. This is actually a set of sheets to accompany the Slow Down book from Magic Cat publishing. Take a look!

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Slow Down Worksheets Printables

Slow Down worksheets

The Slow Down worksheets can be used individually, but I recommend downloading the entire booklet as they all work in conjunction with each other. These beautifully illustrated sheets inspire and encourage you to focus on the natural world around you.

There are discussion prompts, creative and craft challenges, observational journal ideas, and fun research activities.

Let’s have a look at the sheets in the booklet.

Slow Down Worksheets

The first pages prompts you to look around you and focus on those things in nature that bring you a feeling of calm.

Slow Down Printables

The second page also brings you a prompt encouraging you to focus on those things in nature that we are sometimes too busy to notice.

The 3rd page is a beautiful observation log that let’s us tick off the things that we see in nature.

We also have a lovely creative challenge that allows you to draw a design on the endpapers of the book to show the animals, insects, or leaves in movement. Look at the example included to see how to draw it.

Here’s a “talk for thought” page that encourages you to note down more about nature.

A blank journal prompt page encourages you to write down your thoughts.

If you find more interesting facts in or about nature add them to this page and create your own research journal.

Expand your vocabulary with the glossary page. Create your own glossary for your book with words that you may not be familiar with.

The next fun page includes a talk for thought, observation challenge, and creative challenge all in one page!

Find out what flowers are attractive to bees, make a note, and add them to your journal.

On our next page use the official RSPB online bird song identifier to listen to the songs of the birds mentioned on the dawn chorus page.

Let’s identify moss with this observation page. Examine the different kinds of moss and the creatures that live in or around it.

Weave your own spider web by following the directions on this page.

You can also make a rainstick!

Or what about making an ocean drum?

There’s also a beautiful page that helps you create your own rainbow.

And finally, make beautiful snowflake decorations for winter.

As you can see, this booklet is gorgeously illustrated, and also brings you so many prompts for your kids to be encouraged by nature in many ways.

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