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Dinosaur activity sheets

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If your kids like dinosaurs, which I am sure that they do, we have the perfect dinosaur activity sheets for your pre-schoolers. This lovely dinosaur learning packet was shared with us by the lovely Monkey Steps. This Etsy page has the loveliest learning packets for kids. Do check them out! Before you go and see the shop, do stay with us for the entire post and have a look at what the dinosaur activitiy sheets entail.

dinosaur activity sheets

The dinosaur activity sheets learning packet has 10 lovely pages (including the cover sheet to your book) for your kids to enjoy some learning and fun all while having fun with these lovely dinosaur buddies!

perfect dinosaur activity sheets

I know we showed you the cover sheet to the dinosaur activity sheets booklet but it’s so cute that I had to show you again in full size. The cover sheet has space for your kid to write their name, which is very hand if you have more than one child or are using this in a classroom setting.

The booklet is divided into writing practice, counting practice, colouring, and size sorting.

Let’s begin with …

Writing practice

activity sheets for your pre-schoolers.

The dinosaur writing pratice sheet let’s your kids focus on the star of this worksheet, the dinosaur, by encouraging them to circle all of the “D’s”.

dinosaur activity for your pre-schoolers.

This next sheet in the workbook practices coordination and fine motor skills by allowing your kids to trace over the dotted line. From a straight line to zigzags, there are more types of lines to practice tracing, too.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Practice colouring within the lines, or just let them have a little fun by colouring in this capital letter “D”, as well as this lowercase letter “D” .. and the dinosaur too, of course.

Counting practice

These pages are meant to be used in conjunction with one another. Have your kid practice counting the spots on the eggs that are on the second page and match them to the correct number.

Size sorting

These last 2 sheets are also a set. Cut the dinosaurs out, and sort them by size on the first of the two sheets.

Shadow matching

Here’s another matching activity. Match the dinosaur with their shadow. A great way to practice holding a pencil, as well as recognising shadows.

Egg decorating

And we end the booklet with a little bit of fun. Allow your kids imagination free by letting them decorate the dinosaur egg just as they imagine it would have looked like.

<< For your own dinosaur activity sheets click on the circular image below >>

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