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Awesome kids: Tell your incredible kid they are amazing

It’s extremely important that we encourage our awesome kids. There are many ways that we can let them know that we love them and are proud of them, from spending quality time with each kid individually to giving them some cuddles. But what if we go above and beyond and tell your incredible kid they are amazing with some fun printables that we have created for you?

We like to bring you lots of printables for the kids to use but these are for you to present to them. Pretty cool, right? Let’s find out what we’ve got for you.

Awesome kids

We have not one, or two, but four great printables for you to present to your child. Here’s a quick look:

One Incredible Kid certificate

The One Incredible Kid certificate is a simple certificate for you to print out and give to your kid when they are excelling, or even when they need a little bit of a pick me up.

You can print out the certificate to hand write you kids name or even a special nickname. Or you can edit the certificate and use a fun font. Your child will be so happy to get this certificate.

Awesome kids: Tell your incredible kid they are amazing

One Awesome Kids coupons

This page is when the fun starts, as it is full of coupons for your kid(s) to redeem for their favourite things. The sheet has 8 unique coupons. Here’s what they are:

  • family activity of choice,
  • movie of choice,
  • lunch or dinner of choice,
  • chore exemption of choice,
  • treat of choice,
  • picnic (indoor or outdoor),
  • game of choice, and lastly,
  • a book of their choice.

We know that your kids are going to love this!

Tell your incredible kid they are amazing

There’s also a blank sheet for you to choose the rewards you know your kid will love!

You are …

This page has 6 hearts per sheet, cut them out and write out a reason why you think your kid is incredible. You can stick them their bedroom door each morning so they can see it upon getting out of bed. Or why not sneak one in their rucksack to brighten up their school day?

Encouragement bookmarks

Lastly, we have a page that includes 4 bookmarks for you to print out for your kids. Laminate them so they can keep them in their books and always know these 4 things:

  • I can make a difference,
  • I am loved,
  • Kindness begins with me and,
  • World changer.

We hope that you print out a set and present it to your incredible kid! Another good idea is to have a few sets printed out to always have them on the ready for when your kids do something amazing or just deserve it for being their incredible selfs.

<< Do you want to print this out for yourself, then click on the circular image below >>

kid they are amazing

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Tell your kids they are amazing

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