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Printable card game: Best and worst of the year

Today, for those of you in our Time to Pee FREE club, we have something pretty cool for you. This printable card game can be played anytime of the year, but is pretty cool for the New Year too. It is all about what’s happened to you throughout the previous year. So you can take it for the calendar year at a New Year party, event, or bit of fun, OR just think about the previous 12 months. Remember to register with our premium site to access this and all the other free goodies that our members get access to. Add your email here, and you are in. You can also sign up for our Time to Pee newsletter here.

This game consists of 7 pages within the pack, and a total of 30 cards to help you play the game. Let’s take a look at some of the printable card game, so you know what you would be getting if you wanted to download this:

What does our printable card game consist of?

As usual, we have a cover sheet, instructions, and then some of the cards for you as examples here:

You can see from the top image above here that we have a number of questions related to the best parts of the year:

  1. Best new experience,
  2. Best memory,
  3. New person you met,
  4. Best holiday,
  5. Best hairstyle,
  6. Best fashion
  7. Most memorable historic event,
  8. Unforgettable celebrity gossip,
  9. Your best opportunity,
  10. Best date,
  11. Perfect me time,
  12. Most favourite song of the year,
  1. Best life lesson,
  2. Day you wanted to relive,
  3. Best purchase,
  4. Biggest blessing,
  5. Best advice,
  6. New habit you developed,
  7. New recipe you learned,
  8. Lifehack learning from the internet that you do now,
  9. Funniest joke or situation, and
  10. Biggest goal achieved

Alongside these 22 positive elements to the year, there are a number of questions that focus on the worst parts of the year too:

These are scattered about within the cards, and include:

  1. Most embarrassing moment,
  2. Event you are thankful you survived,
  3. Worst thing that happened,
  4. Day you wish never happened,
  5. Worst advice,
  6. Worst online shopping purchase,
  7. Biggest scam, and your
  8. Biggest regret.

That’s a total of 30 cards. You can use these as part of a party game, or even as prompts to get the kids talking about how they have felt throughout the year. This is a really good way of getting them to discuss some of the big emotions that they have experienced throughout their lives.

Let’s look at how you can use these cards.

How to use these best and worst of the year cards

So, we can use these in a number of different ways:

  • As part of a party game for adults, which is how they are originally intended. They are great for this – something to get the party started. A good way of breaking the ice. You can decide whether you would rather focus on the best, and remove the worst, or pick and choose which cards you include in the game.

    There are NO hard and fast rules, so if you feel you have had a 💩 year; and there are a lot of us who have recently, perhaps you would like to ditch the worst cards completely! Your call!

    We have included some black cards in the set, so that you can make your own up too, that way, you can tailor the cards to how your household, and your party vibes are looking.
  • As a game for the kids – take out the cards that you don’t think work with the kids, and replace them with some other ideas to make the game work for your children! This means you can work out the game in the best way for your family. You can print the blank sheet of cards as many times as you like, so the ways to play the party game with the kids are many!
  • As a prompt for discussing feeling with your class or your kids. There doesn’t need to be a game element to this, and you don’t need to follow the rules we set out below. Just use the cards as a look back over the previous 12 months. Get the kids talking about what happened to them, and how it made them feel. Sometimes children just need a little encouragement to talk about what’s been happening to them. These cards can provide that opportunity in a fun, hands on way.

Once you have decide what approach to the cards you are going to take – you might need to understand the rules. We do have a rule sheet within this 8-page pack. But just in case, here is some more on the rules:

How to play the best and worst of the year card game

The rules are pretty straightforward for this:

  • Sit down together, preferably in a circle so it is easy to see everyone, and hear what they have to say – it’s also a nice way to sit (!),
  • Decide who goes first – you can choose by age (oldest first), or just randomly,
  • Whoever has decided to go first, need to pick a card from the pile of cards that have been cut out and placed in reach of everyone taking part,
  • The person picking the card reads it out loud, and then answers the question immediately, and
  • There is a 5 second timer for them to answer, if they fail, then they need to be given a consequence by those managing the game.

Ideas for children, and forfeits for both

If you are playing the game with kids you might like to:

  • Extend the time limit,
  • Remove the time limit completely, and possibly
  • Adapt or change the consequences. You may want to remove them from the game too. Entirely up to you.

If you are unsure what consequences to have on this, that depends on whether you are playing with children or adults, but you could have some ideas like this:

  • Hop on one leg around the room for a minute,
  • Stand on one leg for the next three rounds,
  • Take a drink (obviously only if you are playing with adults!),
  • Sing your favourite song (particularly if that was the card you didn’t manage to get in 5 seconds,
  • Tell your favourite joke,
  • There are some great ideas here for forfeits too for kids, and some here for adults. The Guardian forfeits for adults here are the BEST. We particularly like the idea of putting lipstick on a man blindfolded!?!

Now you want to be able to download this, right? Well, click on the button below and it’ll take you to our site. You need to be a member of our FREE premium site to download for free, otherwise it is £3.95.

We hope you like these ideas for the printable card game, if you are after more games for the kids, do check out some of these ideas on this site. We also have some great board games in our shop too.

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