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Food group game: Go Grow Glow

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Would you like something to help teach the kids the food groups? Well here you go - a Go Grow Glow worksheet, including some cut out shapes to get them using scissors and sorting their foods!

I remember my kids learning the food groups at infants (kindergarten). It is something that they still talk about even now. They loved the Go Grow Glow idea to help understand what foods they needed in their diet to give them a balanced diet.

BALANCE is very important when learning about food. For a period, my daughter was a little obsessed with making sure she was eating healthily, from a really young age. It was a difficult time. She was so young that she didn’t understand that it was OK to have some unhealthy foods as long as we were balancing that with the foods that we really needed to help our bodies to grow and repair themselves.

We needed a little of everything for different reasons to stay healthy…go grow glow. It can even help with kids that are fussy eaters, as they start to understand WHY we need to be eating our greens and fruit. It isn’t just our parents being a pain ;-).

So this week, we are bringing you seem gorgeous printables to help teach the kids what all the different food groups are within go grow and glow, and give them a chance to sort those foods into the right places on a KiddyCharts plate.

1. Cut out the different foods

2. Sort them into the right places on the plate we have provided for you

3. Enjoy your meal!

You can, as before, laminate the resource so they last a little longer, or just print another one, it really is entirely up to you.

So here you go – download away!

Kids learning food groups can be fun with this go grow glow printable which allows you kids to cut out the food and place them in the right place on the plate. Are they go grow or glow?

Do check out the other printables on the KiddyCharts site, as well as our wonderful personalised charts too. If you have any ideas for printables we would love to hear from you too. We made a video to help you as well – we always do for our printables. So subscribe to our YouTube channel too so you don’t miss them. Another one in a week or so:

How to teach kids food groups with a fun Go Grow Glow Game


Wednesday 6th of May 2015

I've got a total of 4 nieces and nephews and had no idea this existed.

I am a huge health nut so I'll be doing with them next time I see them.

Thanks Helen!

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