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How can we help build confidence in our shy children?

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Do you have shy children? If so, we have some great resources to be able to help with their confidence, or perhaps even to deal with your queries and questions over their shy nature. So come along and read, or if you know any resources for shy children - add them in here!

Sometimes it is hard when our kids don’t seem to be outgoing, or aren’t too keen on moving away from us when they are younger. Perhaps they cling to our legs, and won’t leave our side at birthday parties. Maybe they are so shy that when they meet new people, and children, they look away and nuzzle into our necks or legs. What can we do when we have shy children?

Every kid feels a little shy once in a while – when you walk into a room full of kids that seem to know everyone, yet you don’t – that can be pretty intimidating even for an adult, right? I have certainly felt like that wandering into the kitchen at some of the parties that I have been to ;-)

So for our parenting tips post in May, we are going to take a look at both building confidence, and helping out shy kids. So articles that:

  • Encourage our children to speak up
  • How to deal with being shy
  • What to do if you feel your child is shy
  • Building confidence in our kids
  • Games, and activities that do any of the above.

If you have anything on your blogs, or you know of resources, then do feel free to link them up below. If you aren’t sure what you should be doing, come and ask me on Twitter.

I shall tweet and pin anything suitable to my Parenting Tips board during the course of the month. We have c. 450,000 followers on their now, so I hope you will get some good traffic from it.

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If you have the time, do add my badge to the post that you decide to link up. It would be great to spread some of the love if we can. It would be really appreciated if you can spare the time to do this.

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Thanks so much for taking part in this, and we hope to see you next month as well. If you come across any resources for shy children, do nip back later as well. This linky is always open.

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Thursday 10th of September 2015

Its great responsibility to parents to build confidence in child.You suggest useful ways which is useful.Thanx for this sharing.

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