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Here you will find articles offering you resources to assist you with some of those challenges in parenting; from dealing with potty training to helping your shy children build their confidence. If you can't find what you want here though, do a search, or explore the other categories on the blog, because helping with parenting is what we are all about.

Divorce or separation is a difficult time for kids, and for parents alike. If you don't know how to help our kids make the transition more easily - we have some resources that will help.
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Preparing kids for separation or divorce

(Image Source: Divorce via Shutterstock) When a family decides that things aren’t working out as they are, and it is time for the parents to split up, this is a harrowing time for everyone. It is hard to manage the emotional journey that everyone is now going on, alongside the practical aspects to the split, from seeing the children, to […]

by Helen • June 5, 2015
Do you have shy children? If so, we have some great resources to be able to help with their confidence, or perhaps even to deal with your queries and questions over their shy nature. So come along and read, or if you know any resources for shy children - add them in here!
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How can we help build confidence in our shy children?

Sometimes it is hard when our kids don’t seem to be outgoing, or aren’t too keen on moving away from us when they are younger. Perhaps they cling to our legs, and won’t leave our side at birthday parties. Maybe they are so shy that when they meet new people, and children, they look away […]

by Helen • May 1, 2015
Tummy time is often something that we are encouraged to do to help baby crawling - we have tips on what to do with tummy time, but also other ideas for encouraging crawling from around the web. Come on and get that baby moving!
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Tummy time: Tips for encouraging crawling – activities to advice

This month we are looking at helping you all with encourage your little ones to crawl from activities and tummy time, to just general advice to get them moving…we published a post about this recently, and I know there are a load of wonderful resources out there for getting those little lets a-moving. Be careful […]

by Helen • March 6, 2015
Do you love to take pictures of your kids, and aren't sure how to do it - then we have the resources for you here to improve; from newbord photography tips, to tips on how to take pictures of the kids in winter. We've got it. If you are a blogger, and have photography tips too - come add them here as well!
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Family and newborn photography tips: How to get the perfect shots

Every month, we do a parenting tips linky to give you all a few ideas on a specific topic to help with navigating the minefield that is parenting… but this month, I thought we would do something a little bit different, and provide you with some great resources for improving your photography as a parent; […]

by Helen • February 6, 2015
Does your child wet the bed? Are you worried? We have some resources to help you out here....
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How to help with Bedwetting

Hello everyone – and welcome (only just) to 2015! I hope you have all survived the holiday season, we are here very early for our monthly parenting tips linky, and this month, as we going to be pulling together some of those posts that talk about bedwetting for you all. For children, and parents, this […]

by Helen • January 2, 2015
This month, we are sharing those posts that will help your Christmas run smoothly, from cooking tips, to parenting!
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Christmas without the Chaos – Tips on how to survive with the family

In our house, Christmas starts on the 1st December, when we put up the tree. I know that this isn’t for some,but I have this from my parents, and I can’t change it. As soon as the calendar ticks from November to December then I am there, tinsel in hand, spreading glitter and love about the house. […]

by Helen • December 5, 2014
Have you ever wondered how to encourage kids reading? Well here are some great resources to help you, from some wonderful sites and parent bloggers globally. We look so you don't have to :-D
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Kids reading: How to encourage them

I am a librarian – qualified at that. Therefore I know the power of a good book, and a good read, both for myself and for my kids. There is nothing more satisfying than burying your nose in a book; unless its encouraging your kids to bury their noses in a book…getting kids reading is […]

by Helen • November 7, 2014
How do we encourage pretend play? We have some resources to helkp you - come link your blog posts up too!
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Parenting Tips Linky: Tips for encouraging pretend play

This week, we have been writing a fair bit on the blog about play, so I thought I would pull this all together to do the Parenting Tips Linky on this very topic – let’s cover pretend play shall we? So this month, we are focusing on posts and resources that give us advice on […]

by Helen • October 3, 2014
Anxiety in children: How can we help
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Parenting Tips Linky: How to help with anxiety in children

My daughter can be a bit of a worrier, and I know that she isn’t the only one as well; anxiety in children can be a serious worry for us parents. How to deal with it, how we can ease fears, and so on. Therefore, in a time when many kids are going back to […]

by Helen • September 5, 2014
Siblings: How to cope
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Parenting Tips Linky: All things siblings

  This week has been….interesting… I think that is the word for it, something along those lines anyway – but mainly it’s been “challenging”, “annoying” and “hair-pulling-outer-ing” which clearly isn’t a word, but I somehow feel that, this word, or similar should exist. Something that really shows the level of frustration in that really special […]

by Helen • August 1, 2014