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CVC games with an ocean theme

Today we have some games for you to play with your kids, or in the classroom, focused on 20 great CVC words with an ocean/sea theme.

CVC games with an ocean theme

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But – I hear you cry – how do we use this fabulous new resource?

What are CVC words?

CVC words are all within the pattern of consonant, vowel, consonant and are an excellent means of helping introduce kids to Phonemic awareness; enabling them hear, understand and manipulate the sound within words. Starting off with three letters helps little ones to pick out the individual sounds more easily, which can then be built up to more complicated sounds.

What are CVC the ocean-themed words?

We have 20 words themed about the ocean/sea:

  1. FIN – on a shark
  2. NET – fish net
  3. FAN – a coral fan
  4. BIG – like a whale
  5. FUN – in the ocean
  6. MAP – to use to explore the oceans
  7. TAN – from the beach
  8. RUN – along the beach
  9. BAG – beach bag
  10. SUN – sun above the ocean
  11. DIG – in the sand
  12. SIT – on a boat
  13. WET – when you swim
  14. PET – a dog in the water
  15. CAP – a sun cap
  16. HAT – a sun hat
  17. MAT – a beach mat
  18. BAT – a cricket bat on the beach
  19. HOT – getting hot on the beach
  20. JET – and a jet ski to explore the oceans too

To download the CVC Ocean themed pack – scroll down to the square image at the bottom of this post and click.

How to use the CVC Ocean theme pack

The idea with this pack is that you use the flashcards to help to introduce the children to the 20 words that we have…

CVC games with an ocean theme

You can cut out the cards and share and play with them with your children. Get them familiar with sounding out the words and recognising what CVC words the pictures represent.

How to use the CVC ocean themed matching jigsaws

We have helped you with making the kids a little familiar with the words, by also including a set of Jigsaw cards within the pack, so that children can match them up.

CVC games with an ocean theme

Why not cut out the cards and then get your children to match the twenty words with their twenty pictures, sounding them out at the same time?

How to play our CVC ocean themed game

You need to get a single die, and then use the counters we have provided for you within the game – alongside the words.

All you need to do is get your children to roll a die and wherever they land
on our board, match the CVC picture or word to the space on the board. First person to the end wins! Good luck.

This is very simple and it is just using the board as another way of getting the children to practise the CVC words, but using their motor skills, which can sometimes helps kids to take things in better.

CVC games with an ocean theme

How to play Ocean themed CVC bingo

We have a few cards for you to play with on this – and the idea is the same as usual bingo; but you can either:

  • Use the Bingo tokens – draw them one at a time, and get children to cover the spaces, but they have to say the words too, while they take part, or
  • Print out the words from the game board and instead of drawing the tokens out, draw the words out instead so your kids have to match them up.


Free printable

We hope that you like these activities – perhaps you have your own ideas how your can use these to help children learn. If you do, let us know!

Click on the square image below to download ALL the CVC Ocean-themed games for kids.

CVC games with an ocean theme

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