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Feeling coloring pages: That’s OK free colouring eBook

Using these books, and the coloring are wonderful ways of teaching emotional intelligence to kids, and normalising big feelings. It also helps children to understand WHAT the feeling is that they are experiencing. We can use the feeling coloring sheets to start a conversation with our kids about what some of these emotions feel like. Sometimes putting a name to the feelings inside our body are incredibly empowering to kids. It can help to make some of these emotions less scary, and more easy for our children to handle.

We have an absolute treat for you today thanks to the amazing Chris Dixon, and his wonderful idea for a book to help kids with understanding and visualising their feelings and emotions. His book, That’s OK has been released as a coloring book, and we have a FREE version of it to give to you all today. Do check the That’s OK site out too. Chris’ books are available as eBooks, and hardcover as well as softcover. Why not enter our giveaway for a chance to win the books, and some amazing Learning Resources toys to help kids with their feelings?

To pack a little more punch (!) with anything you are doing around emotions, why not get the Inside Out film too. This is also a great way to get kids talking – watch the film and do a spot of coloring afterwards?

To download the full eBook, scroll down to the red button at the end of this article. And we know its a long way, but we’d like you to see what is in the book, and we also need to make a little money as a social business too. 😂

What is included in the feeling coloring pages, That’s OK book?

Before we dive into this – you might like to sign up for our kids mental health series too, which has even more resources for mental health in it – check it out here – we really do love supporting children to understand more about their mental wellbeing:

Remember to check out the real-life That’s OK books from Chris after taking a look at these. You can’t beat having one for the library for the kids at school, or on the book shelves at home.

The first few pages of the book give a little introduction into what the feelings coloring book contains, and what it is all about.

Our children need to know that it is OK to feel, but it is also OK not to. It goes beyond the saying Its OK to not be OK which so many of us now know. It is also OK to feel, or indeed, to not have feelings too!

We can feel positive big feelings, as well as negative ones. And this coloring book covers lots of different emotions going from A-Z (well S!), so that children understand what it happening in there bodies. From, Anger, though to excitement, and surprise, Chris has tried to help children to understand what we might do when we experience these emotions, as well as how we might feel.

His lovely, enchanting monsters, perfect for Halloween and beyond, help give form to some of these feelings for our children too.

Feel free to upload the images that you make to Chris’ pages, and do copy @kiddycharts into anything you do share so we can see everything that you are making.


Anger always makes us think of the colour red – how about asking the kids what color anger is to them? Sometimes it helps to do this.

You could perhaps extend the coloring activity by talking about colors too?


Sometimes those that suffer from ADHD will do anything to avoid being bored (I speak from experience), and that’s because their brains work a little differently to neurotypical brains. EVERYONE gets bored though, and that’s OK. What’s perhaps more of a challenge is finding things to do when we are bored. Trying our other free coloring pages might help?


This is a permanent state when you are a parent, right? But for children it can be hard to describe what confusion feels like, particularly as some of the things that it can make us want to do look a lot like being afraid.

Why not get children to think a little about how confusion feels in their body?


If children are feeling a little disappointed, this can make them cry. They might be disappointed that your Dad didn’t come to the play to see them, or they might feel a bit disappointed with themselves even, if they couldn’t get their homework right. Sometimes we can confuse disappointment with sadness too.


Most people, if they are REALLY embarrassed can go a bit red, and this happens to children too, of course. It can be even more embarrassing when we realise it is happening as well, which only makes it happen even more!


Excitement is an energetic emotion, and a lovely, positive one. It is all about the anticipation of something fun. One of the things that can happen with younger children, and even with adults, we can flit between anxiety and excitement about events. If we aren’t in touch with our body and how we feel, we might even get confused. One way of managing anxiety is to try and turn those nervous butterflies into excitement if possible.


Being grumpy, is a bit of a step down from anger, perhaps. We are fed up that something has happened, or that something didn’t happen, perhaps? We can also, of course, get extra grumpy when we are tired and stressed out. If we have been particularly busy as parents, we all know THAT feeling of having a bit of a short fuse, don’t we?


The BEST emotion – we don’t really need to explain this too much – it’s great when we are happy. Our kids love it, and so do we. Don’t they say smiling is infectious too?


If you have physically hurt yourself, you will be in pain. But we are talking about emotional hurt here – when someone has really upset you, and you are feeling hurt by their actions or their words. That hurt can sometimes make our bodies feel different. Children might get a tight chest, or even feel a bit sick.


Don’t we always talk about the green-eyed monster? Well the monster in That’s OK certainly has a big eye….and kids can get jealous of others too, just like adults can. Perhaps they are jealous that someone came first in a race, or that another child has a pair of shoes that they wanted. Whatever it is, it IS natural, we just need to make sure that jealous doesn’t start to make our kids unkind to other children.


A small amount of nerves is what’s needed – if we get too many and they become overwhelming too often, then we might have anxiety. Children get nervous, and that’s OK, but they can also get anxious. If it is affected them a lot, so what they do, where they go, and how they behave, then it is worth mentioning to school.

OK and Sad

This book is all about being OK, so we HAD to include this didn’t we. Alongside that, the opposite to happy is sad. And our little monster seems very down in the dumps here, doesn’t he?


Our little monster here is hiding behind there little rock. Being shy can be difficult for our kids, so let’s help them feel a little bit more normal about being shy. We can all be shy when we first meet people, and it can take a lot of guts, just to talk to someone. Sometimes, if we know that there are situations that are likely to make others shy, it is nice to be kind, and help make them feel more comfortable by talking. Like when someone new starts at school for our kids perhaps?


Our final emotion is surprise, and this is a bit of a strange one, as there are good and bad surprises, aren’t there? So depending on the experience this might be a negative or positive emotion for children. This is something to consider for them too.

We love all these wonderful images, and the fantastic idea for the feeling coloring book too – so that kids everywhere can see what their feelings are like. Name them, and then help to feel more in control and empowered.

To download this complete eBook and get coloring today, all you need to do is click on the button below and it is YOURS. Do be patient, as because of the number of pages, it may take a little time to load:

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