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In the moment mindfulness activity for tweens

We are finishing our series of mindfulness activities from the wonderful book, My Mindful Journal, from Trigger Publishing today, with a simple, but really effective mindfulness activity for tweens. All it does, is help them focus their minds in the moment.

Mindfulness is all about focusing on the here and now; something that we all know is incredibly different to do with the busy lives that we all manage to have. Tweens and teens are no different from us, and keeping them focused on the present is an excellent exercise. This activity helps them to notice what they are; thinking, feeling, or even seeing in the world around them at that particular moment.

The above sheet really is all about thinking about themselves, and their current thoughts and feelings. What are the five things that they notice around them, about themselves NOW.

We have already covered a friendship mindful activity for tweens, alongside an activity for looking at the mistakes our tweens have made. All three of these activities are from My Mindful Journal, which is designed to help our children to be more mindful overall. Thinking about their experiences, and what those experiences have taught them about themselves, and beyond.

Anything that can keep our tweens and teens a little calmer, and help them to learn how to be just that little bit more mindful is good, right?

Mindfulness can, in particular, for slightly older children, assist them in stopping their automatic reactions to specific situations; which can be harmful to them over a long period of time. For example, how many of us with tweens are a little frustrated that they automatically think that if they are being asked to do something, we are, in fact, telling them off for not having done it?!?! Due to the changes that are occur inside our older children’s mind, their emotional responses can often be extreme, and unchecked. Mindfulness helps them to slowly learn to control, and take a break from that turmoil; to live in the present moment.

It is hard sometimes to step back, and walk in our teens shoes. But there is merit in trying to empathise with them. Take a moment yourself when you are talking to your teen, and try to remember what it felt like when you were younger. A little empathy can go a long way in helping to understand how your children feel, and what they are going through.

To download the printable – just click on the square image below and it is yours.

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Thanks for coming to see us; we love you all!


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