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Mindful activity for tweens: Mistakes I have made

Something we feel it is important for children to learn from a relatively early age is that mistake are OK. In fact, they are an important part of life and it really is OK to make them. We are sharing with you an activity from the book My Mindful Journal, from Upside Down Books by Trigger Publishing.

mindful activity for tweens

This activity is a really simple little exercise, inspired by Lady Gaga it would seem thanks to this quote:

I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I am not afraid of my flaws.

Lady Gaga

The focus of this activity is to think and understand the necessary place in all our lives for mistakes…

Mindful activity for tweens: Mistakes I have learned from

mindful activity for tweens

This activity suggests to tweens and teens that they look back on the mistakes that they have made. But with an open mind to how those mistakes have helped them learn, and shape their attitudes and ideas.

Perhaps they handed in a piece of homework late, and were given a detention after school; so they know that if they do that again, there are consequences that they don’t like?

Maybe they didn’t think before they said something to a friend once, and upset them?

We all make many little mistakes, even during the course of the day, and some larger ones. But how we handle them can help us to grow as people. Mistakes don’t need to define us, but they can help us to learn and develop into better people.

We hope you like this mindful activity for tweens, do check out the book My Mindful Journal; and encourage your tween or teen to think about their feelings, and be that little bit more present in the moment.

mindful activity for tweens

Mistakes are a necessary part of life – and it is actually more important how we handle them rather that we make them.

“Never judge a person for their mistakes, judge a person on how they fix them.”


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mindful activity for tweens

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