Tips for managing screen time with your kids

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We are back with Beckie Whitehouse on the blog today from with another Parenting Tales from the Sofa hangout. We are chatting about screen time today; and helping our kids and ourselves to manage it effectively.

Screen time for children is now a part of everyday life, but it can become a flash point with older kids, as well as being difficult to know what is suitable for our younger children. In particular, smartphones and tablet computers are making technology more and more accessible for kids.

We ask Beckie to help us work out what is best for us including:

  • Should I be giving my iPad to my three year old? If I do, what do you suggest for them to use?
  • How can I limit the time my kids spend with screen?
  • Screen time in front of the TV – do you do it?
  • How to encourage a child not to use screens if they have reached their limit?
  • What alternatives to screen time are there?
  • What about having games consoles and TV in bedrooms?
  • How about leading by example too!
  • TV is OK sometimes too!

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