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50+ screen free activities for boys

Do you have young boys (or indeed girls of course) at home that either want to spend their time behind the telly or their tablet? Or they are constantly saying they are bored? Well we have gathered some amazing ideas for screen free activities for boys and girls so that they can step away from the screen and have loads of fun too. We have LOADS more ideas than this too – why not join in with our #31DaysOfLearning – a free activities every day for 31 days? Even better – pop over to our printables for even more free stuff; from mindful colouring pages with cats, to free scenes and finger puppets to put on a show! And if you like what you see – sign up and we will deliver more free activities to your email every single week. We also have a daily subscription if you want too…

if you are looking for indoor activities for when you are stuck at home – why not try this printable list of 100 free activities and ideas to do at home with kids?

Back to this set of ideas though – in our house, it’s my son who needs encouragement to get away from the screen and it seems a few people agrees with me on this – but easily these could be for older girls as well as boys don’t take this list at Facebook value – every single one of these screen free activities for boys, is just as good for an older child, boy, or girl. There is no stereotyping here, and I hoped you would know that without me even mentioning it! 😉

50+ screen free activities for boys

Check these out!

1. Animal Tracks: How to get your kids to recognise them from KiddyCharts (pictured top left on first image.)
2. Cat mindful coloring pages for adults and kids are great screen free activities for boys from KiddyCharts
3. Ocean coloring pages for kids and adults from KiddyCharts
4. Dogs adult colouring; and one for the kids too! from KiddyCharts
5. DIY Corner Bookmarks – Cute Monsters from Easy Peasy and Fun (pictured top right on first image)
6. Build a Monster free Printable Pack from Itsy Bitsy Fun (pictured middle right on first image)
7. DIY Baseball String Bracelet from I Can Find The Time
8. Printable Lego Challenge Calendar Ideas For Kids from Little Bins for Little Hands
9. Printable Shark Puppet Craft for Kids to Make from Easy Peasy and Fun (pictured bottom left on first image)
10. Do It Yourself Magnetic LED Lights from Buggy and Buddy
11. Build a Can Rocket Stove – It Cooks an Entire Meal With Twigs! from Prepared Housewives
12. Sea Animals Symmetry Drawing Worksheets from Itsy Bitsy Fun
13. 100 Cup Challenge is perfect if you are looking for some indoor fun from Busy Kids Happy Mom
14. How to Make a Paper Boat – Origami for Kids from Easy Peasy and Fun
15. STEM Sunscreen Experiment – Spray vs. Lotion from JDaniel 4’s Mom
16. Printable Dinosaur Masks Templates from Itsy Bitsy Fun
17. Make A DIY Mini Bow and Arrow from DIY Projects for Teens (pictured bottom right on first image)
18. Build a Nerf War Battlefield from Steam Powered Family (pictured middle left on first image)
19. Harry Potter Potion Slime Making Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands

50+ fun screen free activities for boys

Lots of fun, aren’t they?

20. Lego Stem Challenge Cards Life Overc’s
21. DIY Angry Birds Knock Down Game from Lalymom
22. Science Experiment – Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser make for wonderful screen free activities for boys from Preschool Powol Packets
23. Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt from KC Edventures
24. Make Your Own iPhone Speakers with a Paper Towel Roll & Two Keg Cups from OSx Daily (pictured bottom left on 1st square image)
25. Pencil Catapult Back To School Stem Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands (pictured top right on 1st square image)
26. Rock Balancing Stone Stacking Art STEAM Activity for Kids Rhythms of Play
27. Tutorial on How To Make Light-up Bugs from Mama Smiles
28. Mystery Bag Stem Design Challenge With Free Printable Challenge Cards from Buggy and Buddy
29. Build a maze using sticks from Mother Natured
30. Eclipse Viewer – Camera Obscura Made From a Cereal Box from JDaniel 4’s Mom
31. Nature Scavenger Hunt -free printable list! from KC Edventures
32. STEM for Kids: Create a Homemade Marble Run from Buggy and Buddy
33. Building a Ship in a Bottle from Instructables
34. Tire Obstacle Course With Ninja Warrior Inspired Challenges – Sensory & Gross Motor from Steam Powered Family (pictured bottom right on 1st square image)
35. Shadow Art Outdoor Science for Kids from Rhythms of Play
36. How to make EASY Cardboard Loom Friendship Bracelets! from Red Ted Art
37. Empty plastic bottles game from Krokotak
38. How to Make a Fidget Spinner from Kids Activities Blog (pictured top left on 1st square image)

50+ super fun screen free activities for boys

Here are a few more!

39. How to make a whirlygig from The Craft Train (picture bottom left on square image)
40. Chalk Rockets For Kids from Growing a Jeweled Rose
41. Saving Weekly Allowance With Mason Jar Superhero Banks from Fireflies and Mudpies (pictured top right on square image)
42. How to make a Bottle rocket is just one of the exciting screen free activities for boys from Science Sparks
43. DIY Printable Fidget Spinner Template from Red Ted Art
44. How To Make Origami Ninja Stars from DIY Projects for Teens (pictured bottom right on square image)
45. Do It Yourself Duck Call from All For The Boys
46. Gummy Lego Candy from DIY Projects for Teens
47. Tin Foil Boat Ideas for the STEM Penny Challenge from JDaniel 4’s Mom
48. Patterned Target Art Project For Kids from Busy Mommy Media
49. Easy Kids Monster Purse DIY from Red Ted Art
50. Rock Balancing Stone Stacking Art STEAM Activity for Kids Rhythms of Play
51. Exploring Space – Water Rockets for Kids from KC Edventures
52. Galileo Camps And Free Activity Downloads For Kids from Mama Smiles
53. Going Box Sledding With the Kids from Mosswood Connections (picture top left on square image)

Well there you have it, a whole lot of screen free activities for boys to enjoy. We hope your boys will get the chance to do many of these.

And if you’re looking for more fun screen free activities check out these KiddyCharts posts:

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Sunday 30th of July 2017

Can girls not do these?


Sunday 30th of July 2017

Absolutely and my DD would be happy to do them all. Don't read anything into the title - it's just that a good deal of people search on that believe it or not, so that's what I called it 😉

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