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Parenting Snapshots #6: Nighttime Potty Training

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Nighttime potty training: Tips in a hangout

Guess what – we are talking poo and wee again – this time Nighttime Potty Training with Kate Barlow on the old parenting snapshot hangout!

We love talking about stuff like this; we have already covered withholding when you potty train (not you personally of course ;-)), and the potty training signs to look out for in your child.

This time we are looking at an often ignored part of training; no idea why but nighttime potty training seems to be something that we parents don’t tend to talk about. Perhaps its because we are worried to admit our six year old still wears nappies at night? Perhaps it is because there is more of a sense that our children don’t want us to go telling people that they still wet the bed sometimes? Whatever the reason, we are going to try and give you some thoughts about it today.

Kate and I discuss the following around nighttime potty training:

  • Is my child ready to be trained at night?
  • Is it behavioural or physiological?
  • How can I help my child during the day to go through the night without weeing?
  • Can we prepare to do nighttime potty training?
  • Do reward charts work for nighttime potty training?
  • How should I react if my children wet the bed?
  • How can we minimise the impact of bed wetting on us at night?
  • What are her best tips for potty training at night?
  • Should I be lifting, or giving them a drink before bed?
Parenting Snaphots: Potty Training at Night

I hope this is useful, we have other resource links to potty training at night in our linky on the topic. Don’t forget our reward charts if you are potty training too. Otherwise, enjoy and I hope the post is helpful.

Do you have any tips for nighttime potty training? Do share them here, and also in our linky as well.

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