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Parenting Snapshots #5: Withholding or constipation in potty training

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Constipation in potty training: What to doWe are going to chat poo, or to be more precise witholding or constipation in potty training. Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy is with us again for a Google hangout and following on from the Potty Training theme from the last two weeks when we discussed starting and potty training tips. Kate has written recently on her blog about withholding, so it seemed a sensible thing for us to chat about it as well. It can be quite a distressing time for both the parents, and the child concerning. In particular, children may not even be aware why they are worried about poo-ing in the potty or toilet and insist on using a nappy.

We cover a number of topics within the hangout including:

  • What withholding is
  • Why does constipation in potty training or withholding occur
  • Is it true this happens more in boys?
  • What can we do when this happens to help our children?
  • Do we need to find out what is causing our child to be scared? Will they know?
  • How can we help our children not to be worried about poo-ing?
  • Will books about poo help?!

A helpful chat, but as is likely to be the case, there is a lot of talk about poo; but hey, if you are potty training then I am sure you are used to it anyway!

Parenting Snapshots: When they withhold in Potty Training

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Have you had experience on this – what did you do, what worked what didn’t? Do share with us.

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Thursday 31st of October 2013

Totally had to deal with this. Two words: stool softener. Worked so brilliantly, relatively quickly and easily. Kicked myself repeatedly for not seeing the doctor sooner.

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