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Parenting Snapshots #3 : Starting Potty Training

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Starting potty training: PinterestThis week, we have mostly been talking about starting potty training!

We have had our usual weekly (I hope) hangout with Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy, ask her some of the questions that you dread to ask, or just don’t have the time to consider for more than five minutes in between wiping bottoms, and making tea ;-)

We chatted to her about preparing yourself for and starting potty training. We discussed various aspects of when wasn’t and when was a good time to start that dreaded potty training journey. For some reason, it seems to be the part of toddlerdom, that’s more doom than dom…

Most mothers dread the approach more than anything else.

So we are trying to help you relax just a little bit ;-)

Topics covered include:

  • When should we avoid starting potty training
  • How much time do we need to set aside for starting?
  • How should we prepare as a parent for starting to potty train?
  • Quick tips for preparing our child too.

So here you go, really hope it helps :-D

Does anyone else have any tips on how to prepare for potty training at all? Other than taking a very deep breath of course!

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Monday 31st of March 2014

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